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Letter regarding donation from a corporate, Institution.

Letter regarding donation from a corporate, Institution.

Feb. 8, 2003


M/s. J.K. Tyres,

Sansad Marg, New Delhi.


We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a Non- non-governmental organisation (NGO) “Care for All” whose main concern is towards the aged people of the society. We provide shelter to the aged people, many of who are crippled or physically handicapped. Most of them have been driven away from their houses, by their own sons and daughters-in-law. We have three old age homes at different places in Delhi. We would like to request your esteemed organisation for some substantial contribution either in cash or in kind and helping us in bringing some dignity in the lives of these elderly people. You may be aware that from time-to-time we also conduct some programmes to educate the aged people on living a better life through yoga and religion. No social work can be done on charity and unless corporates like your come forward with humanitarian approach, lives cannot be bettered. We hereby enclose our brochure which lists the centres, the aim, the activities we undertake to create a better life, at the same time we would like to inform you that donations to our organisation are tax-exempted. We look forward to an early communication in this regard.

Thanking You

Serving You

Care For All


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