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Letter from a friend regarding deceit from a stranger.

Letter from a friend regarding deceit from a stranger.

Dear Shailendra,

Hope life is going smooth with you. Since school days, I remember that inspite being an intelligent student, you were quite gullible. And see how true it has come. The person, Anil, whom you sent here with a request to me, for getting him a job, has absconded with the company’s money of Rs. 36,000/-. This has not only caused embarrassment to me but simultaneously, it has put my career in jeopardy. As you have seen in your last visit, the amount of popularity, I enjoy in the organisation, l am now being looked upon as a dumb-headed person. Relax buddy. I’m not blaming you for this incident, but trying to caution you about such people who come in your contact and then take you for a sucker. Remember, the moment you start trusting people, you should prepare yourself for a betrayal. Check the credentials of people with whom you associate. If I’m not wrong, a couple of years back, a person took Rs. 10,000/- from you on the pretext of his mother’s illness, never to return. Stop being a sucker. Anyway, so much for my sermons. How are your kids and wife? I will be coming to Bangalore very soon for some official work and then meet you. In case Anil meets you, feign as if you’re not aware of anything. We are also trying to locate this cheat and hope very soon to catch him. So much for now. Rest when we meet.

Yours Ever Cautioning,



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