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Formal Letter example “Letter to the Headmaster for Fee Concession” English Letter Writing

Letter to the Headmaster for Fee Concession


The Headmaster,

Grant Road High School,



Sir, most humbly and respectfully I beg to apply for full fee concession, as my family is passing through extremely straitened circumstances, and lay down the following facts for your kind consideration sympathetic action:

  1. I have passed the Middle School Examination very creditable, despite the heavy odds that I have to battle against both on the economic and the education fronts.
  2. My father is an assistant in the Mumbai Secretariat, getting less than two thousands rupees a month while he has twenty mouths to feed at home.
  3. I am a refugee from Pakistan where we have lost our all and have not received a pennyworth of cash or kind from the Government of India or the Government of Mumbai.
  4. I have been systematically getting full- fee concession during the last four years that I have had the honour of studying in this school.
  5. I am prepared to perform any kind of part-time work at school. If necessary, in lieu of my school fees.

Sanguinely believing that out of your large- heartedness you will kindly grant me full- fee concession as during the previous years.

I beg to remain,


Your most obedient student,

Nanik Matwani

Roll No. 22

Class IX,  Section C.

May 25, …..


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