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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “The Independence Day” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Independence Day

Essay No. 01

India remained under the ruts of slavery for more than two centuries. Countless brave sons and daughters of India shed their blood to get independence from the British suzerainty. The sun of independence dawned on 15th August, 1947. It is a red-letter day in the history of our country. Since then

Independence Day is celebrated with great gusto in every part of the country on 15th of August every year. August 15 is the day of deliverance from the foreign yoke. The day symbolizes the triumphs of nationalists and patriots who kissed the gallows smilingly to snap the fetters of Mother India.

Delhi assumes an extraordinary importance on this red letter day. The whole city celebrates this national festival. The Red Fort is the center of attraction on this day. The Prime Minister of India unfurls they coloured national flag from the ramparts of the Red Fort.

To present an ultimate celebration arrangements are made many days in advance. Pipe railings are fixed to control the enthusiastic crowd. Loud speakers are installed at vintage points. The police is deployed in large number to maintain law and order. The place round the venue of celebration is festooned with buntings. A perfect seating arrangement for the VIPs is done. Military personnel keep a tight security.

The Prime Minister reaches the ramparts of the Red Fort and pulls the strings of the flag. The rose petals get released and they fly. The national flag flutters majestically. Then the National Anthem is sung. People stand silently and motionless to pay homage to the national flag. The sky booms with a 21-gun salute’s resounding sound.

The Prime Minister delivers his speech highlighting the progress done. He also counts the welfare programmes in hand. He assures the countrymen all progress in spite of hurdles. National sovereignty is guaranteed. In the end the PM repeats ‘Jai Hind’ thrice followed by the people. The function comes to end with the singing of the National Anthem by the school children.

The fifteenth of August is a National holiday. Gas filled balloons are released in the sky. People fly kites. This day is celebrated by Indians in ‘foreign countries also. The whole programme is telecast.


Essay No. 02



The Independence Day

The fifteenth of August 1947 is a red letter day in the history of India. On this day India achieved her independence after centuries of slavery. It was an historic event. India became free after a long struggle and countless sacrifices. The National Tricolor Flag was hoisted on the Red Fort. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru the first Prime Minister of India, hoisted the National Flag in 1947. Since then, the fifteenth of August has been celebrated as the Independence Day every year.

The Independence Day is celebrated all over the country with great joy and pride. This day has a special significance for Delhi the capital of India. In Delhi it is celebrated in a big way. The Red Fort is the center of attraction. Elaborate arrangements are made for the flag hoisting ceremony. The main function starts at 7.30 a.m.

People in their thousands zero-in towards the Red Fort to witness the event of the year not only from Delhi but from outside as well. School children gather in big numbers. Ministers, ambassadors and other foreign dignitaries also arrive. A running commentary of the programme is broadcast on All India Radio. The programme is also telecast for the convenience of T.V. viewers.

The Prime Minister unfurls the National Flag and as he does so, the National Anthem is sung by the school children. Twenty-one gun shots are fired in honour of the solemn occasion. The Prime Minister, then addresses the Nation reminding the people of the great sacrifices made by the countless men and women to help win India her freedom. He exhorts the people to protect the freedom at all costs appealing to them to be united all the time.

It is my sincere belief that we the people of India should pledge to preserve our hard-won freedom every year on this auspicious day. We should also make up our minds to remain united and do everything within our power to make the country prosperous in all directions.


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