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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “A Policeman” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Policeman

Essay No. 01

Once upon a time the very name of a policeman meant terror. But now there is a lot of change -in the people’s attitude towards him. He is no longer a-terror or a bugbear. His dress, his authority and his way of doing his duty ruthlessly had placed him on a high pedestal. The base of his pedestal was fear. Even today he is a symbol of authority but he does not invoke that fear and terror of the past. What a fall in his status! Today ruffians and anti-social elements consider him their pall. Something wrong has happened. He is no longer considered a savior and well-wisher. He is just like any other second government servant.

Whatever be his reputation, his life is rough and tough. He carries. out-the orders of his superiors with single-minded devotion and obedience. In the present period when our society is full of upheavals on wholesale, his duty has become all the more precarious, arduous and hard. He has been put in a uniform to enforce law and apprehend the culprits and lawbreakers. So long as there is crime in society, his need to the society will remain.

Rampant corruption prevailing in all departments has not left him untouched. Easy money he loves, after all he is not an angel. The wronged fear to contact him because they know that it means a hole in their wallet. It will not be wrong to say that a policeman has become a nuisance. Law-abides-fear him and law-breakers tear him. It does not mean that we do not come across honest policemen. We do have but they are few and far between. A policeman’s image needs a cosmetic treatment to invoke respect and regard.

His salary is unhandsome though his responsibilities are enormous. A day is not far away when his presence would create a sense of confidence and security. After all he is a true servant of the society. He will remain so if the lawmakers do not use him for their ulterior motives. His ancient glory can be regained if he himself resists temptation and arm-twisting tactics.


Essay No. 02

A Police Man

A policeman is a useful public servant. He wears a khaki uniform, brown shoes and a strong belt around his waist. He also carries a whistle.

He is usually a tall and strong man. He can be seen on his beat duty. He catches thieves, pick-pockets, chain-snatchers and bad characters. He maintains law and order in his area. He guards our life and property whenever on duty. Sometimes he patrols alone. Sometimes he patrols in the company of two or three policemen. He patrols on a motorcycle or a police jeep.

He is feared by law-breakers. People look upon him as a guardian of law. He risks his life fighting with bad elements. We should also help him in catching thieves. We should help him by giving him information of evil-doers and outlaws.

Sometimes he helps on the road in clearing traffic jams, carrying the injured to hospital. He is a guide of the people. He is on duty all the 24 hours of the day.

He is always ‘with us and for us’. His duty is hard. Most of the policemen are polite and dutiful. There are a few policemen who are impolite too. On an average, a policeman is dutiful. He works hard to guard life and property of the people. He is the eyes, ears and arms of the law. He maintains peace.


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