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Essay on “Uses of Electricity” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Uses of Electricity

Of all the discoveries made in recent times, the discovery of electricity has been easily the most useful. It has practically revolutionized the world. There is not a single phase of modern life that is not in some way or the other related to this important discovery. The present age has been truly described as an age of electricity. The electric bell, the electric train, the electric fan, the electric stove and electroplating are no longer regarded as wonders.

Much of the prosperity of a country, depend upon its water supply. Electricity has enabled us to distributed the water of the rivers into canals and irrigate dry and barren lands. The Bhakra Dam in Punjab, the Hirakud in Orissa and Damodar Valley Project etc. owe their existence to electricity.

Electricity has enabled us to make use of wireless telegraphy. In the days gone by, if a ship foundered in mid ocean, no help could be sent to it but now every ship carries a wireless set and a timely SOS has made it possible for us to send immediate help.

The invention of the radio, television and other electrical gadgets has conferred untold blessings upon humanity. Broadcasting by itself is a miracle of electricity.

Electricity has done wonders in the field of medicine. X-rays, ultrasound, electric shock therapy and operation theatres could never function without electricity. Treatment of complicated diseases of nervous system, paralysis and numerous other ailments can be diagnosed and treated with the help of electricity.

There are other wonders of electricity which have astonished the world. Discovery of life on other planets, reaching the moon, having space stations one also gifts of electricity. With the help of electricity it is now even possible to bring rain in desert places.

Electricity has indeed done marvels in the 21st Century. If propels our transport, it works the mills and factories, it pumps the ocean dry, it sweeps houses, cooks food, washes our clothes, hears and cools our houses, lifts the heaviest of weights, regulates water supply, cleans garbage, irrigates the fields, cures diseases and aids us in every walk of life.

As time advances and more researches are made, electricity will prove a powerful factor in improving and lengthening the span of human life.


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