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Essay on “Advantages of TV” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Advantages of TV

Television is one of the chief miracles of science. It has revolutionized human outlook.  Mankind is indebted to Baird, a famous scientist who invented television and has made it possible to present moving, talking and breathing pictures of men, women and children on screen. In the modern era of science, great emphasis in given to television in educational, social and moral spheres.

Television is a compound word of two “tele” and “vision”. “Tele” means distance and “vision” means sight. In other words television helps us in seeing distant things within a limited range of distance. It is so somewhat a modified form of radio. Through radio we can here songs, speeches and dramas, whereas through television we can see the person participating in songs, speeches and plays as well as hear them.

Screen education has a great educative value. If properly conducted, it can teach us English, Hindi, Mathematics, History, Geography, Science etc. and that also in the form of pictures relating to various subjects. The subject matter of these subjects, when seen on television becomes more effective and produces a more enduring impression on the minds of the viewers.

In a country like India where a large number of people do not know how to read and write, a visual medium like television has unlimited possibilities. That is because no other agent of instructions can serve so large a clientele simultaneously. Lessons on improved techniques of agriculture, rudimentary principles of health and hygiene, history and geography, which should form part of education, can be brought to the doorsteps of the people in farms and factories through the aid of television.

Television is also a great source of amusement and recreation. A man, after a hard day’s work, may switch on his television set and derive immense pleasure from viewing serials, variety entertainment programs, films songs etc. on television.

The launching of satellites like INSET in the space age has given further fillips to television, investing it with a truly international character. Now it transcends international boundaries. It has enables people in one corner of the globe to see events happening in another remote corner, making the world appear like a global village.


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