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Essay on “United India” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

United India


If  we  want  a  strong  and  united  India,  we  will have to  bring about  national  and  emotional  integration  among  the  people. Fellow feeling between different communities will have to be fostered.  Anti-social and divisive forces will have to be checked. Parochial, narrow thinking will have to be abandoned.

India  is  facing  a  great  threat  from  divisive  forces  which  are  bent  on destroying  its  unity  and  integrity.  Even  at  the  time  of  Independence, certain  divisive  forces  were  at  work.  Peace and harmony were sought to be destroyed.  Conditions  of  unrest  and  insecurity  among  the  people, Were  created.  But  gradually  they  were  subdued  and  India  emerged  a united,  cohesive,.  Integrated nation.  But unfortunately  again  India  is  in the  grip  of  disharmony in  many  parts.  In  certain  areas  communal  forces are  raising  their  ugly  heads  and  ripping apart  the  friendliness  and affection  that  have-  for  ages  subsisted  among  the  members  of  different communities.  In  certain  other  areas  caste  chauvinism  is  playing  havoc with  the  lives  of  people.  So  many  innocent  people  are  falling  .prey  to the  cruelties  being  perpetrated  in  the  name  of  caste.  Yet  another  factor disrupting  the  harmony  of  the  country  is-  the  unprincipled  politics. Absence  of  values  in  politics  is  giving  rise  to  separatist  tendencies  and secessionist  elements  are  getting  a  fillip.

Assam  had  been  in  the  grip  of  violence  on  account  of  the  foreigners issue. While  the  grievances  of  the  native  Assamese  were,  to  a  certain extent  genuine,  the  modus  operandi,  to  get  their  grievances redressed  was weakening  the  country.  As  the  Assam  problem  was  partly  solved,  the Tripura’s  started agitating  for  their  cultural  identity   and  economic  security.

Punjab  witnessed  the  most  unfortunate  events  which  resulted  in  the -loss  of  thousands  of  lives.  This happened simply because the machinations of the foreign  powers  succeeded  in  dividing  the  two communities  who  had  for  centuries  shared  their  hearths and  homes, breathed  the  same  cultural  ethos,  spoke  the  same  language  and  reacted the  same  way  to  the  crises  faced  by  Punjab  .from  time  to  time.  To  call  , Sikhs  and  Punjabi  Hindus  as  two  communities is  altogether  wrong Certain  foreign  powers  want  to  destabilise  India.  They want to retard. the  spectacular  economic  growth  of  Punjab  and  that  of  the  country. They  want  to  sow  .the  seeds  of  dissension  and  create  a  misunderstanding which  may  lead  to  regrettable  events.  History  is  a  testimony  to  the  fact that  the  Sikh  Gurus  did  not  differentiate  between  the  Sikhs  and  Hindus., Nevertheless;  what  has  happened  in  Punjab  has  resulted  in  needless destruction  of  property  and  loss  of  lives.

These days one often hears, of the demand for Bodoland, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand and so on.  The Gorkhaland Movement gained strength and momentum in the Darjeeling District of West Bengal.  Communal riots took  place  in  Bhiwandi  (Maharashtra)  and  Hyderabad,  where  hundreds of  people  were  killed  in  communal  frenzy.  Kashmir  has  also  been affected  by  divisive  forces  .with  the  connivance  of  Pakistan  which  has been  sending  trained  and  armed  persons  across  the  border  to  terrorize the  people  and  create  disturbance.  The  two  communities  who  generally: live  in  peace  are  suddenly  gripped  by  violence  and  begin  to  indulge  in arson  and  killings.  Anti-social elements rule the roast.   Trade disrupted.  The poor people living from hand to mouth begin  to  suffer on  account  of  the  curfew  that  follows  in  the  wake  of  violence,  Anti national  forces,  taking  advantage  of  the  situation,  try  to  further  widen the  gulf  between  the  two  communities.  The result is weakening of the unity of the country.  A  divided,  disturbed  country  can  hardly rise  to the  challenge  of  external  threats.  A  strife-ridden  India  is  bound  to  lag behind  in  economic  and  technological  progress  which  is  what  the  foreign powers  want.

One  hears  of  brutal  killings  indulged  in  by  the  members  of  a  caste, who  think  themselves  superior,  in  some  parts  Of  the  country.  The  lower caste  people  feel  insecure,  as  they  are  haunted  by  the,  fear  of  being attacked  any  time.,  by  the  superior-caste,  chauvinists.  Their insecurity makes them vulnerable to their being seduced by anti-national elements and converted into other religions.  Huge  funds  reportedly  flowed  into India  from  the  Gulf  countries, Which  were  used  to  convert  hundreds  of low-caste  Indians  in  the  South  to  Islam.  The  weak  .and  poor  have  to  be protected  from  the  might  of  the  so-called  superior  castes.

If  India  is  to  remain  united  and  strong  and  is  to  continue  marching  pi the  road  to  economic  progress,  national  integration  will  have  to  be  achieved. This can best be done by bringing emotional integration.  Unless differed communities and castes emotionally accept each other as fellow Indians having equal rights and privileges, the country will continue to be rocked by disturbances.

Spread  of  education  can  also  help  a  great  deal  in  bringing  about emotional  integration.  Actually,  it  is  the  illiterate  and   ignorant  masses who  are  easily  misled  by  the  miscreants.  If  the  people  are  in  the  know of  the  real  intentions  of  the  divisive  elements,  they  will  resist  all attempts  at  being  divided  and  incited  against  each  other.  Only  educated, enlightened  people  can  See  through  the  mischievous  designs  of  the  antinational  forces  and  can  guard  against  their  machinations.

Economic  uplift  of  the  poor  and  downtrodden  in  all  communities  and castes  will  also  go  a  long  way  in  helping  people  to  live  harmoniously. It will remove the frustration caused by poverty.  A frustrated section of people is any time vulnerable to violence.  Because  the  frustration needs  an  outlet, communal  riots  provide  an  opportunity  which Compounds  poverty  and  frustration.  Thus, a vicious circle is formed and communal riots keep on recurring.

 More  and  more  people  should  try  to  attend  the  festivals  of  different Communities  and  share  in  each  other’s  joy.  Festivals  like  Raksha Bandhan  can  be  used  for  tying  Rakhis  to  the  people  from  other Communities  to  foster  feelings  of  brotherhood.  On the other hand, festivals.  like  Id  can  be  utilized for emotionally  hugging   as  many Hindus,  Christians  and  Sikhs  as  possible.  This  will  undoubtedly  bring  the  different  communities  together  and  generate  affection  among  them.

National and emotional integration is the only.  answer  to  the  threats  of  instability  that  the  country  is  facing  at  present


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