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Essay on “Indian Societies at the Crossroads” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Indian Societies at the Crossroads

Indian civilization was highly developed and advanced.  The new generation was impressed by the English lifestyle, resulting in clash of values.  Foremost danger to our society is posed by foreign media.  Our  own  films  are  copying  the  foreign  movies  in respect  of  violence  and  sex.  Juvenile.  Offences have increased. Rise in population and scarcity of economic resources is causing discontent.  Nepotism and corruption are other ailments of our society,  The  situation  is  being  .exploited  by  the  politicians. Women have become the easiest target of violence.  Terrorism and militancy are increasing.  People now hate to exercise their right of franchise.  Everybody is after money.  Now what is the solution?  Let  us  adopt  .the  best  western  Civilization  while retaining  the  best  of  ours.  Also  a  well-planned  mass  drive  is needed  to  root  out  different  evils  from  our  society.

Historical  evidence  has  proved  beyond  doubt  that  Indian  civilization  was highly  developed  and  technically  more  advanced  than  its  counterparts  in father  rest  of  the  world,  even  before  the  advent  of  Aryans.  The Greeks, Turks, Afghans and Munhall etc.  not  only  left  an  impact  on  our culture  but  also  were  influenced  by  our  Culture.  But  the  real  dilemma started  with  the  arrival  of  the  British  who  came  only  as  plunderers  with :the  main  aim  of  economic  exploitation.  The  new  generation  was  impressed , the  superficial  prosperity  and  they  adopted  the  English  lifestyle.  The result was a clash of values.  This has continued even after independence. Indians are traditionally simple, hard working and peace loving.  But  now the  after-effects  of  Western  culture,  peoples  own  moral  degeneration  and growing  discontent  are  damaging  our  moral  and  social  system.

The  foremost  danger  to  our  society  is  posed  by  the  foreign  media,  A  large pincer  of  satellite  TVs  are  beaming  programmed  on  various  channels  for the  South-Asiatic  countries,  particularly  India.  The programmers have exposed Indian families to the western culture.  These  channels  are propagating  violence,  vulgarity,  nudity  and  promiscuity  in the  name  of. Entertainment and for gaining wider viewership.  Lowest  priority  in  given :by  them  to  the  spread  of  knowledge  and  education.  Our  own  film  industry which  used  to  be  known  for  giving  clean  and  healthy  entertainment  to  the viewers  now  prides  in  copying  foreign  movies  and  offering  more  on  sex violence  and  semi clad  heroines.  The stories move about rapes, sex, violence, smuggling, drug-gangs etc.  Instead of our own historical, heroic   and pure love.  stories,  material  for  which  is  available  in  abundance  in  our  own literature  and  classics.  The result of such a portrayal is that today’s  youth don’t  include  studies,  sports  and  other  healthy  entertainment  in  their timetable.  Juvenile  offences  are  on  the  rise  and  our  universities  and  colleges have  become  training  grounds  for  sex-related  crimes  and  gang  fighting. Pre-marriage sex and drug addiction in educational institutions has become common.  Anyone  who  raises  his  voice  against  this  is  termed  as  orthodox,. who  is  too  backward  to  adjust  himself  to  the  changed  values  the  world over.  All  this  sometimes  makes  one  feel  that  it  is  not  possible  to  retrieve.. the  Indian  society-  from  an  abysmal  depth  like  this.

The  rapid  rise  in  population  and  scarcity  of  economic  resources  is  Causing a  simmering  discontent  in  every  sphere.  The students are the most discontented lot today.  The  possession  of  a  mere  degree  does  not  lead, them  anywhere.  The  unemployed  youth,  Without  any  purposeful  activity,… thus  pose  a serious  threat  to  the  unity  and  integrity  of  this  country.

Nepotism and corruption are the other ailments of our society.  People: have  become  so  much  used  to  this  that  nobody  raises  his  voice  against this.  The  recent  wave  of  frauds,  bribes  and  scams  at  the  highest  political and  bureaucratic   levels  have  exposed  the  hollowness  of  our  whole  system! One  fails  to  get  a  job  done  or  gets  his  papers  move  until  ones  name  is! recommended  by  some  high-up  or  he  adequately  greases  the  palm  of  the.: official  concerned.  Earlier  the  malady  was  confined  only  to  executive  post but  now  judiciary  has  also  come  under  the  cloud.  Thus  the  last  resort  Of democracy  is  tainted  and  the  trust  that  people  seem  to  place  in  judiciary , is  now  somewhat  dented.  What  an  irony  that  the  persons  deployed  to  curl corruption  are  themselves  in  the  dock!

The deteriorating situation is exploited utmost by the politicians.  They spread  hatred  and misunderstanding  among  the  people  who  often  fall  prey, to  their  sinister  designs.  They do so to build, up their vote banks.  The result  is  that  once  again  after  independence  communal  riots  have  raise their  ugly  head.  Thousands  of  innocent  people  .were  done  to  death  in  the; aftermath  of  assassination  of  Indira  Gandhi,  Bombay  bomb  blasts  and  the like  and  the  guilty  have  not  so  far  .been  brought  to  book.  The  committees” and  -commissions  set  up  to  enquire  into,  various  incidents  have  reported shielding  findings  and  facts  but  no  action  has  been  taken  on  account  of the  growing  nexus  between  the  politicians  and the  criminals.

The  right  to  franchisee  had  been  won  after  a  protracted  struggle  for. The But  people  have  become  so  disillusioned  that  they  bate  to exercise  their  right  to  vote.  Chaos reigns supreme everywhere.  There  is  no hope  for  the  situation  to  take  a  turn  for  the  better.  People have, started to take  everything  for  granted.  Having rejected our old values, nobody knows where our society is heading for.

The concept of consumerism has taken hold of us.  Principles have been kept aside.  Everybody  from  a  doctor  to  a  pleader  is  falling  prey  to  the t  malady  of  money  minting:  Fast  and  junk  food  is catching  up  with  the young  people.  No longer have they wanted the hygienic and simple home-cooked Food.  People  are  no  longer  as  healthy  and  strong  as  they  used  to  be  about fifty years  back,  The  instances  of  cancer,    MD  are  on  the  increase.  

Having  dealt  with  negative  effects  of  the  western  culture  let  us  not  overlook t,  its  positive  side.  The  age  of  materialism  has  .brought  in  its  wake,  efficiency, V  competence  and  hard  work.  It has helped people break the age-old yoke of esteems and superstitions.  Now merit and not birth or caste determines ones status.  New methods of increasing production have been introduced. Foreign companies have entered the Indian economy.  All  this  has  resulted In  .an  incur ease  in  employment  opportunities  and  availability  of  items  of luxury  is  caning  within  the  reach  of  the  common  people.

But  the  moot  question what  kind  of  values  should  we  promote?—still remains  to  be  answered.  The  answer  simply  points  towards  the  adoption of  the  best  of  the western  civilization  while  firmly retaining  the  best of ours.  A  resolute  drive  towards  literacy  will  prove  to  be  one  of   the  best  ways  of  overcoming  the  backwardness  among  the  masses;  Faith  in  ourselves, s?  Or  glorious  history  and  culture  will  reimpose  confidence  in  ourselves. We shall  not  look  towards  western culture,  as  an  alternative  to  our  own culture  but  only  as  the.  Supplement.

Intelligentsia  should  shoulder  the  responsibility  of  providing  the  requisite the  need  of  the  hour  is  to  build  a  strong  society  resting  on  a  strong  national, character.  In  the  times  we  are  facing  today,  an  approach  consistent  with the  eternal  message  of  the  following  words  of  Gandhiji  need  to  be followed..; He  has.  rightly  remarked,  “I  do  not  want  my  house  to  be  closed  by  walls; on  all  sides  and  windows  to  be  stuffed.  Rather  I  want  all  the  cultures  to: blow  freely  through  my  house.  But  I  do  not  want  to  be  swept  off  my  feet  by  any  of  them.”


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