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Essay on “Traumas of Childhood” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Traumas of Childhood


At one time it was believed and still is, to some extent that, childhood is the most wonderful part of a human life. This is the period of life without a care in the world. With all the care and love of the world is, at this time at one’s disposal and little of work, and of course absolutely no responsibility. 

Yes, this is the picture as it used to be. However, in this modern world of growth and development, one precious thing lost to mankind, is his childhood. Where is childhood, when does it come, when and where it goes no one knows, and no one even feels it or remembers it. The simple reason for this appears to be the enforced adulthood on children. In the earlier times, children used to be kept all aloof from all tantrums and tricks of the adult world, and so, they retained their innocence of childhood. On the contrary, today, as soon as they become aware of their very existence, all the knowledge meant for the adults is just forced upon them. At this time of their lives they are not mentally or physically at all prepared for the onslaught and their delicate selves break down. This is, in a nutshell the basic cause of the loss of childhood in the so-called modern world.

Adults think that, only they have to face all the troubles of the world while children are free from all the nuances of the world. This was true at one time long back but it does not hold good now. The child has to face several traumas and struggles even in his early years. He is so much exposed to the adult ways of life that, he is left shocked and wondering as to what he will have to face in the coming years. All this is due to the modern exposure of the little minds to all that is adult. This may prepare the child for his future but, in the bargain, he gets lost in a maze of problems too much for him to bear. This in turn gives him the worries which he should have had to face in his adult years and he thus loses his valuable Childhood. The little world of the child’s innocence and enjoyment is shattered with the thoughts of the life to come. Instead of enjoying his early years of life, he is as if getting prepared for the onslaughts of the world. In this maze of a confusing life to be the child faces traumas which we elders cannot understand. All this because he is seeing all the adult ways of life, adult abuses, adult violence so he is shocked and left wondering as to what all this life consists of.

Besides an exposure to the adult world, when the child of today sees and hears contradictions in what he is taught and what he really sees on the ground, he is again shocked beyond our comprehension. We adults, for example teach him to be honest, but, wherever he sees there is nothing like honesty. The. child is left wondering what is really correct, and what is he expected to do. This and several other contradictions the child sees around him in daily life leaves him pondering and absolutely dazed about what he should do. Why is there so much obvious difference in teaching and practice, is what he does not understand, and no one can even explain it to him.

Thus, the unhappiest creation of the modern world is a life of traumas and dissatisfaction of children who have lost their childhood somewhere in the labyrinth of Dos and Don’ts which they and even their teachers are not able to clarify and make convincing enough.

Childhood that was once upon a time the most precious time of a human life is now a time full of cares, worries and even depressions. The simple and logical cause for it is that, when the children are to be exposed to ways of adults, how can they remain far from the adult traumas worries and the like. In reality, their problems are much worse and more acute than what the elders face, because, they are facing the life of adults when they are still immature and too young for all that the elders can bear. They are mentally and physically not mature enough for all that they see and face and so their worries are more than the worries of elders who are big enough to bear it all.


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