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Essay on “Discretion” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.



An old adage reads,”Discretion is the best part of valour“. Yes, this was true to a great extent in the 1 early parts of man’s existence, but today what discretion has been converted to is just simple favouritism of the ugliest appearance. Discretion has been so ‘ shamelessly used that, it has lost its real meaning. 

Just because rules and laws cannot, just cannot be made for all possible eventualities, the use of discretion was given to people in high places, and to people who matter. This discretion was meant to be used with caution and sparingly, only where and when necessary. This discretion was also meant to be used for the furthering of a task. However, with the passage of time, this discretion has come to be used as a tool for furthering personal interests rather than furthering tasks in hand. In this way, the discretion meant to be a blessing for people to see work move smoothly, has become a curse to activities of human existence. This is because, just as man misuses all his other rights, he is found misusing this right of using discretion also. The idea of giving this discretion was originally to help him utilise whatever is available to him for the best use for work. However, it is mostly seen that it is conveniently converted to favouritism. With an eye on future gratification, discretion is used to serve personal advantages rather than the advantage of work. Favours are given not to the most deserving or to those who need the favours to work more efficiently, but, to those from whom advantages may be reaped at a later date.

Let us see for example just one most glaring example of the misuse of discretion. At one time, petrol pumps were supposed to be allotted to war widows. This was a very noble idea, it would enable them to become financially self sufficient in the face of the loss of the husband, who was the bread winner. However, this correct decision turned out to be in reality a hoax. These petrol pumps became a source of income not for the war widows but for the sanctioning or allotting authority. The pumps were allotted to people of all different hues and colours who would in turn give some advantage to the authority that sanctioned the pumps. In this way, the discretion meant to be advantage to the needy, accrued advantage to the authority who sanctioned the pumps.

This is just one example of the misuse of discretion. Human nature is so weak and greedy and also selfish that, rosy ideas of the like of discretion become more of liabilities than assets. Either the wrong people reap advantages or, the authority takes advantage and it all becomes a genuine hoax. Thus, in my View, we need discretion only when we are highly disciplined and in the possession of a flawless character. Without these qualities the concept of discretion is just a curse. I feel that, at least in India we do not deserve to have any discretion of any type as, we are prone to misuse it just as we misuse all other advantages given to us.


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