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Essay on “The Under World ” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Under World 

The Underworld is quite a well known and oft heard expression in the modern days. How it has grown to its present size and what it really is, is not too well known publicly. However, its growth is obviously the result of continued and hard effort of some, who must have started the sequence. 

To day what the underworld stands for is for a layman, a world of rich and sophisticated criminals. These criminals, instead of handling weapons themselves only wield the remote. These are criminals who have achieved a great amount of efficiency in the operating of crimes even from far-flung areas just through their workers. These workers as we understand are well paid to undertake crimes, and they have no clue as to whom they are working for or, who their boss is. It is a massive very efficiently worked network of criminals working at the behest of their head / master of the gang. 

As the very expression underworld indicates the world that it is, invisible to the naked eye on the ground level and that is why underworld, a world that operates from under the earth as it may be. This world of crime operates from a hideout somewhere inside or outside the country. It works through paid criminals whose lives are spent working in the world of crime and they have nothing to do with the honest good side of the world.

The crimes of the underworld are very well Planned and organised and duties allotted meticulously. The crimes they indulge in are big crimes, which bring to them a turnover of crores. They usually plan kidnappings/ hijackings, and murders and earn handsome amounts byway of ransom. Besides this, it is believed that the underworld has regular incomes from business houses and small and big industrialists. Their approach is at the top most levels of hierarchy in the business and the Government and to all who matter. This is done very safely because, the underworld dons as they are called are never and can never be caught.

Thus, we can, in a layman’s parlance state that the underworlds denote an efficient massive network of high browed criminals operating in the highest echelons of society. They employ lower category of small criminals to do their jobs, their dastardly acts of crime for the sake of money. The boss of this underworld organisation never operates personally. This is the brain and the work force does just as he commands. This in a nutshell is the regime and functioning of the much talked of Underworld.


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