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Essay on “The Indian Politician” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Indian Politician

The politician, in any country is a class apart from all others but, the Indian politician is a class apart even from the politicians of the world. It would be very interesting to study why this class is a class by itself. 

In most cases, the reason is not far or difficult to seek. The reason is simple and straight. He is the person who at one time was on some lower strata of the hierarchy of the social set up and, once he becomes a politician, he has a magical rise to the highest rung of the same hierarchy as, now it is he who rules the country. So, this individual who was once a part of the general public having attained the top slot in society is bound to develop a sort of a web around himself. Through this web people may be able to see him but they will not be able to touch him. This web is created by himself and, is added to by his cronies who wish to take advantage of him and his position. This situation of a politician being someone high and mighty exists everywhere in the world but the position in India achieves a higher rank than politicians of the world because he is also there to wind up the work for the people and start looking after his own interests as, he may lose the position any time and any day.

The special characteristic of the Indian politician is that, though he is on the highest rung of the social order but, unlike other politicians of the world, he is also on the lowest rung of discipline and character. It is this feature of the Indian politician makes him a class apart from the politicians of the world. The Indian politician is a bundle of complexes, serving the society on paper and serving himself in all reality he, being elected to serve the people, he confines himself to serving himself and his posterity. It is this attitude of the class that makes it a hateful and unique class apart from all others. 

It is a fact known very well even to the uneducated masses of India that, the politician remembers his people and his constituency just about once in five years, when he goes there to beg for votes. When the election of the State or the Centre are round the corner, the politician is seen giving verbal proof of his love for the people. Once the work of reaching the position is complete, he never looks back, to peep into the condition of the people who helped him get the chair. Besides this extreme selfishness, the Indian politician is one who is most corrupt in the breed of politicians of the world. He can do anything at all to achieve his personal objectives. I can say in very clear words that, the Indian politician has and is sucking the lifeblood of the Indian people. He is eating into the resources and income of the country to fulfil his own ambitions and objectives and pave the way for his coming generations. His existence for his constituency comes into the limelight only when, once again he has to go to the people for their votes, for the next assignment for another five years of his own prosperity.

With the career of a politician becoming so very lucrative and paying, more and more people are getting interested in this profession, and more and more political parties are being born. Even with the mushroom growth of political parties, the service of the people is nowhere in the agenda of these new or old politicians. The latest trend of the nexus of the politician businessman and the bureaucrat makes the Indian politician a very strong entity to reckon with. He has, in this nexus the combined strength of money power and muscle power, what more can anyone aspire for?

The Indian politician has a lot of power at his disposal which, of course, I daresay usually comes to play only for evil tasks. For any good cause, the poor politician gets tied up with strings of rules and regulations but, for moving astray to reap dividends for himself, there is no rule or law that comes into play. He can in now way be deterred from his uncanny ways, as he is the most powerful being. This in a nutshell a picture of an Indian politician who lives and works for the people in the garb of tending his own interests all the way.


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