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Essay on “ The Impact of Multi TV Channel on Indian Society” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.


 The Impact of Multi TV Channel on Indian Society

Television is the most important and powerful medium of communication. Starting with two channels Indian TV has been bombarded by multichannels like STAR TV, ZEE TV, MTV and so on. Cable TV and disc antennas have expanded the TV networks. The competition to occupy the space on Indian society. There is information boom and so is the multi levels of entertainment.

The DD and Metro channel are facing severe competition from other channels. These two channels used to be dull and boring but after entry of STAR TV, ZEE TV, Home TV, Cable TV, even the official channels have adjusted slightly to the rising demands of the viewers. Qualitatively these TVs are better in their programmes, news and serious in comparison to DD and Metro TV. One can very easily notice the variety in their programmes. Cable TVs here refrained the viewers from going to cinema halls for films as they show the latest films.

Television can reach to the masses very effectively in short span of time. Its impact can be both positive as well as disastrous especially for developing country like India. In India people are not aware of many basic things due to lack of education. So programs at TV have to be very balanced. But commercial intents are inflaming the programs or serials. It is being left to market forces. Advertisers, sponsors are dictating the norms and values which will have negative impact on the diverse and unnatural India. The gap between rich and poor is so wise that only rich will be benefited by the commercial driven programmes. The poor will keep on lagging behind.

The programmes on TV are more of entertaining nature. Most of the programmes are film based. The educating role of TV has to increase which is lacking right now. The people need to be educated first and then to be fed with specialized programmes. Most of the light comedies and religious serials are most popular programmes among people. Only few news become attractive and eye catching. Social development programmes need wider coverage on this powerful medium.

Multi channel TVs have also led to confusion. People are not able to concentrate on the popular programme as they keep on changing the channel because they have a choice. Short breaks are in fact not short but full of commercial advertisements. These advertisements have started arousing consumerist needs among people which have led to over consuming tendencies. People will lose the inclination to save instead to go for the products shown in advertisement. This will have adverse impact on the society.

TV is such a powerful medium that children start imitating what is shown on the TV. It can lead to increase in violent tendencies and sexual activities because children have tendency to imitate easily. It can also affect their studies as they will keep on watching TV even during their study hours. If the programmes are made in such a fashion that they serve educating purpose then it can help in their studies.

The foreign channels try to impose their culture and values through this medium. These channels often show obscene films and scenes of violent activities. Recently court banned few foreign films shown by Star TV from showing because they were showing nude films. These can have adverse impact on our Indian values and Indian culture. These can corrupt young minds. It will be planted on their minds as they are immature. The impact of TV programmes depends largely on the intelligence, receptivity and values of the viewers. Those who have set values in their mind they can adjust and take only those which can be of use to them but those who have no set of ideas or values it will affect them the most. So every programme should be thoroughly screened by panel of experts from all walks of life as to what impact it will have on society.

The impressions are formed by series of continuous viewing of programmes. So in the long run for the good of society, certain programmes should be for the common good of people. It should not be mere bundle of informations. The programmes should serve both the purpose of entertainment and social message. Social message is very important. It should be analysed in the long term perspective. News, views and opinions should also be such that it is not boring and dull. Society is very complex. Rich diversity should also be taken into consideration and hence decentralization should be promoted along with national perspective.


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