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Essay on “The Human Body” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Human Body


In the human body, or, for that matter in the body of any living being there are two kinds of activities. These are, voluntary activities that account for the activities that the human performs when he wants to. The other kind of activities are the involuntary activities. These are activities that the body keeps performing whether we want them or not.

As the name suggests, the involuntary activities of the human body are those activities that the human does not plan to take up or do they are just being done without man’s intentional effort. Even if the human does not want these they keep being performed on and on, without any instructions or demand from the individual. In the human body, so surprisingly, the most important activities that keep man alive and active are the involuntary activities. The organs that keep on working all the time without orders, without special effort are just the organs that keep man alive. Some of the most important organs that work themselves without human interference are, the brain, the heart, and all the internal organs and the blood. The brain maintains the consciousness without any help from the individual, the heart keeps ticking no matter what the man does. Each and every internal organ keeps on working without any dictate. The blood stream within the body keeps flowing up and down through the body whether we ”like it or not. The breathing process keeps on and on without our asking for it. Thus, when we account for the involuntary activities of the human body, we realise that, most of these activities performed by most of human organs are involuntary and automatic. In comparison to these involuntary activities the voluntary activities are very minimal. These include just eating, moving etc, while keeping us alive and healthy is the responsibility of all the involuntary activities.

The division of voluntary and involuntary activities is so subtle that, they do not intrude upon each other’s domain and that is exactly why this human body performs so very efficiently. However, though the two kinds of activities do not intrude on each other’s functions, they are at the same time, very closely linked. For example, if I want to raise my arm up a voluntary act, it has to get the co-operation of that part of the brain, which deals with the limbs (the involuntary worker). Thus, I will be able to raise my arm only when the brain permits me. So close a connection there is between the voluntary and involuntary activities of the human body that they cannot be separated, yet they all mind their own businesses, only coming to help when required, or asked for.

This neat division of the tasks to be performed by voluntary and involuntary organs make the human body the most efficient creation of God and also the most complicated one. There is no overlapping of duties yet, there is complete co-ordination and co-operation among all the organs internal and external. If at any given time, one organ refuses to co-operate with another, voluntary being separated from the involuntary, the human body suffers a deficiency and a disorder.

The involuntary actions of the body are thus the most important and are the ones‘ who give and maintain life.


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