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Essay on “A Film Star” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Film Star 

In today’s date, a film star is, l must say, a demi God. In the earlier times working in films was a taboo and thus, being a film star did not call for much of an attraction, even at that time, film stars were a class apart yet, they were not worshipped like today. With the passage of time, everything has undergone a sea of changes and, a film star is not an individual to be left unheard or unseen, even off the screen.    He/ She is now a God/ Goddess, an ideal for the younger generation. A film star is now a great celebrity isn’t this a change?

In the olden days or may be just a few decades ago, a celebrity was a person who had achieved some prominence in art, studies, research or religion. To-day this concept and definition of celebrity has also changed and film stars who only just do some pranks on the screen are defined as celebrities and worshipped as the last word on all that can be. A film star is popular with the masses and the young. They do not only see him on the screen and admire him/ her for the work but the young try to imitate the stars specially the ones they like. They dress like the star, learn all the antics they see being done, they emulate the star as if he/ she is the last word on progress. In a nutshell the Children try to personify the star, and above all they seem to be very keen on their biographies. Once upon a time children read the biographies of great men and women but to-day they like to know all about the stars. They rush to get their autographs as though the autograph is a thing to be treasured. Thus, a film star in the present scenario is the last word on fashion and glamour, the only individual who deserves to be emulated. 

A film star gets popularity in a few movies and, if he fails to get the name, there is little chance of his getting to the top of the ladder in the line of acting. The popularity of a star is completely dependent on the public image he is able to make. It is the public who makes or mars the career of a film star. If a star is rejected by the audience, there is no chance for his films to do well at the box office. Thus, the fate of a film star like the fate of a politician is totally dependent on his / her performance and the public reaction to it.

Film stars like all other professionals grow in the family. A film star’s family gives the genes to their children and often enough they also become film stars. Though of course it is not necessary that all film parents have film star children but, like all other profession, in this profession also, the children get interested in the profession.

The children automatically develop the taste for the profession which they see so much of in their homes. These days a film star is a person much sought after, and he is the one to set trends in the world of fashion. Glamour is also only his domain, and what actually attracts the young to this profession is the glamour that remains like a halo behind the film star. However, it is not all that easy to get the glamour. There are myriads who try an entry into this world of glamour but only a very few succeed. Those who come up become objects of admiration and also earn the glamour. However, I can assure that there are several in the line who remain unsung and unheard. Such numbers are not ever talked about as they have fallen on the way and go unnoticed. This number of failures is much larger than the number that succeed in this profession. Let us understand that it is not easy to be a star, though we see so very many becoming stars. Yes, so many are becoming stars but those who are failing are never noticed and counted. In order to see how many are successful in the line, the failed ones also have to be counted to get a true picture of the turn out in the line. Only if we count the failures, can we assess how easy or how difficult it is to become a film star.

We must always remember that, there are very few successes like the latest heartthrob Hritik Roshan for this only parentage and art are not enough, there has to be a brilliant luck to side the star.


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