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Essay on “The Concept of “One World One Nation”” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Concept of “One World One Nation”


       The concept of ‘one world’ was earnestly propagated many years ago by an American preacher, Wendell Willkie.  Well-wishes of humanity who asset that a world government must and will come because there is no other remedy for global ailments certainly have reason as well as common sense on their side.  There is, after all, a basic unity that runs through all human societies.

For decades people have dreamed of one world, one international government, a just society and a common approach towards the problems facing humanity, both black and white.  Thought the goal and the dream have eluded mankind, with the passage of years such an entity has become imperative.  Jawahar Lal Nehru was among such optimistic.  Referring to the frequent and wised-ranging talk of ‘one World’, he said the concept must bear fruit or else this world will go to pieces.  It may be, he added, that we will not see that ‘One World’ in our generation, but if we want to prepare for such an achievement we must at least think of it.

Biosphere is in chemical terms the cover of water and air that ensues our earth, besides the green cover and the wild life, which sustain life on this planet. Man cannot take for granted these bounties of nature as he has been taking so far.  The present situation has reached because the human being was not generally aware about the implications of the developments that have been taking place briskly for the last couple of centuries.

In spite of the failure of the world body to get peace to the globe there is no reason for despair.  The world has changed drastically after wars.  The modern world has accepted democracy as a better option of governance throughout the world and a better awakening among people throughout has strengthened the hope for peace.  There is a frequent exchange of thoughts and experiments on the problems relating diverse knowledge and its implication between people belonging to different countries, otherwise not friendly with each other.  This healthy interaction can be attributed to a foundation for ‘One World’ and the political differences of nations cannot stop such interactions.

India is a vast land with numerous casts, beliefs, faiths and religious and also the largest democracy in the world. Elections are frequently held and the people at large have a big say in the formation of governments.  Governments change frequently and it shows the involvement of masses in the process.  In spite of the diversity of culture, languages and faiths, India stands out as a big power. To take the example of India and her people, with such diversity of concepts, the dream of ‘Once World’ can be a reality some time in future in spite of all the hurdles in the way of its achievements.  If a country with a population of 100 crores can run once government, one constitution. One law with a democratic set-up, how can the concept of ‘One World’ one nation not be a reality?

Let us all hope for a future that would guarantee peace for all and an equalitarian distribution of wealth and resources with just and sincere governance throughout the world.  Let there be end of all violence, poverty and exploitation at all levels.  Let there be no restrictions imposed by man on man on travel or enjoying the fruits of development and the boundaries created by man disappear once for all so that the ultimate dream of Gods people to have ‘One World’ one nation become a reality.


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