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Essay on “Indian’s unity at the cross roads” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Indian’s unity at the cross roads


            After more than half a century of our independence our people have failed at a very important front- of getting all our people together fighting for a single cause of reconstruction and development.  India is no doubt, speeding towards development and trying to compete with the developed countries in many aspects of progress, but at home we are not well.  There are numerous reasons for this discord, but before we try to find them out and pin-up responsibilities, it is better o find out ways and means to bridge the fissures that have erupted between peoples of this land.

            In a vast country like India where the people speak different languages and have different social and economic problems federalism provides an excellent means of reconciling national unity with regional diversity.  National unity is not impaired if the people of a region have a genuine pride in their language and culture. But regionalism develops into a serious threat to national unity if politicians f onto go beyond their regional loyalty and claim to stand only for their regional interests.  The States are fighting away themselves over areas with the fierceness with which nations press their claims over disputed territories.  Disputes between two states can be easily settled through an expert commission or by arbitration.

            Another stumbling block in the way of nation unity is the unequal distribution of national income.  There is a huge disparity between the rich and the poor of this country.  How can real unity are expected, while the rich live a life of ostentation and indulge in conspicuous consumption and the poor are denied even the elementary condition of civilized existence.  There is nothing common between a multimillionaire and a common man living in sub-human conditions.  Left-wing extremism which is disrupting the peace in some parts of the country will practically disappear if our social order is reformed to give every citizen an opportunity to lead a useful and constructive life.

            India presents many glaring contras- between the rich and the poor, between the high caste Hindus and the scheduled castes and bribes, between community and community but no contrast is more glaring than that presented by the western-oriented educated elite and the teeming millions in villages.  National unity depends upon the progressive reduction of these contrasts and the Indianisation of the educated classes.  The responsibility of the governing class lies in making plans and policies to bridge the gulfs that exist between peoples of different sections of this society and also the educated classes in these groups of society have to rise above their community and group pride to encourage the national pride.  There is nothing wrong in the basic policies of our Constitution and what is reared is the will of the general public, not to stand for their respective community, region, language, religion and the like, but for India as a whole which is our real pride.

            The modern world has accepted democracy as a better option of governance throughout the world and a better awakening among people throughout has strengthened the hope for peace.  There is a frequent exchange of thoughts and experiments on the problems relating diverse knowledge and its implication between people belonging to different countries, otherwise not friendly with each other.

              It has created lots of new problems which were quite unknown to the people of yesterday. As the world today is changing rapidly, more rapidly than most of us can imagine or are at least prepares for.  Till recently men lived in village communities, and their culture, mode of living food and social organization were adjusted to their surroundings.


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