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Essay on “Simplicity” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.


Simplicity is a great virtue which one can observe in life. We are rightly advised by the  wise elders to believe in simple living and high thinking.

We should observe simplicity in our food habits. We should take simple but nourishing food. If we are children, we should take milk, butter, bread, vegetables, curd, cheese and fruits. We should avoid fast foods.

If we are grown ups, we should take less fat and salt, but we should take vegetables and fruits in abundance. In all cases fast food, fried items, soft drink and alcoholic drinks should be avoided. We should not smoke at any cost.

We should also observe simplicity in our clothes. We should not wear very  tight clothes which make the movement of our limbs difficult.

We should observe simplicity in our speech and manners. We should be sweet, polite and humble in our talk. We should not boast, nor we should try to bully others. We should never lose our temper under any circumstances.

We should be honest and  straightforward in our dealings.

We must have a simple life-style. We need not run after fashions. We should not spend more than our means. Our houses should be built in a simple, cute way. We need not have very for leading a comfortable     tension –free life.




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  1. abbie says:

    I completely disagree with this
    simplicity is not a rule.

  2. Lucas Arul Seeli says:

    Simplicity is the key to success. When we are simple, its easy for many to approach us. being simple to very easy.

  3. Alishba Farooq says:

    According to me….Simplicity is the best fashion as well

  4. Barkat Ali says:

    Simplicity is sign of good conduct.

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