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Essay on “Our School Peon” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The School Peon

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Essay No. 01

Every office or institution has a peon. His service for office is necessary. His works have a different importance. I have seen many peons at different office. But I like my Principal’s office peon. His duties are limited but important. One who sits outside the Principal’s office is also called a school peon. He is an important person. Principal knows that school cannot do without him.

Shyam Sunder is our school peon. He is about forty years. He is a tall man. He possesses a strong body. He is quite healthy. He has wheatish complexion. He belongs to a small village.

He is all the time in ‘Khaki’ uniform. He wears a white Gandhi cap. He gets a uniform every year from the school. He lives in a small room in the school compound. He is a married person. His wife and children live in the village.

He has one hundred and one duties to do. He comes an hour before the opening of the school. He cleans the Principal’s room. He dusts desks, tables and chairs in the classrooms. He then rings the bell.   

As long as the school goes on, he sits near the Principal’s office. He carries out his orders sometimes he goes to post letters. Sometimes he has to go to the bank to deposit or withdraw school money. Sometimes he circulates an order in the classes. At other times he shows the visitors in. he does all this and other duties also. He goes on to ring the bell at the end of each period. Sometimes if he is irregular in his duties, everybody complains against him,  because the school work begins to suffer.

When it is time to close the school, he rings the close bell. He shuts all the doors and windows after the boys have gone. He then puts the keys in his pocket and goes home.

He lives a hard life. He gets a small salary of two thousand rupees in a month. With a small income, he cannot keep his family with him. In the town he cannot support his family. He has been in the service of this school for the last fifteen years.

Shyam Sunder’s motto is ‘Quick service with a smile’. His position is humble. But he has the qualities of a great man. He is a prince among the peons.   

Essay No. 2

Our School Peon

 Mr. Santosh Chand is our school peon. He is a middle-aged man. He is a model of simplicity and obedience and self-effacement.

He gets up early in the morning and starts working. He does whatever he can for the school.

He lives in the quarters allotted to him by the school authorities. These quarters lie in a corner of the school campus. The quarters comprise a thatched hut, a bathroom and a toilet.

Hew lives in this one-room hut with the other members of his family. His family comprises his wife and two school-going children. His children are given free education in the school. He grows some vegetables for himself and his family in the vacant plot near his hut.

He rings the school bell regularly after every period. He carries notices to the classes. He brings tea and eatables for the teaching staff from the canteen. He cleans the chairs, benches and desks with a duster.

Sometimes his duty shifts from the office to the cycle shed, hall, staff room, stadium, gymnasium, etc. He does his duty wholeheartedly wherever he is appointed.

Sometimes he is sent to the tour on some official work. He never shirks his responsibility. It is a pity that he draws a very small salary. His salary and perks must be increased.


Essay No. 03


Our School Peon

A peon is an important person in all schools. Kishan Lal is our school peon. He is about thirty years old. He wears a khaki uniform and a cap on his head.

He is very useful for the school. His family lives in a village. He has various duties. He comes before the opening time of the school. He opens the doors and windows of the classrooms.

He cleans our classrooms. He puts things in order. When he is free, he sits on the bench outside the Principal’s office. He has to work very hard.

He does not permit anybody to enter the school without the permission of the Principal. He carries out the Principal’s orders. The Principal has full faith in him.

He helps everyone. He obeys the orders of the Principal and teachers. When it is time to go home, he rings the bell. All the students like him.

Essay No. 04

The Peon of My School


The school Peon

There is only one peon in our school. His name is Prem Kumar. He is a young man of thirty-five. He is tall and strong. He is alert. He always smiles. He wears neat clothes. Everyone in the school knows him.

He is dutiful. He sits on the stool outside the Principal’s office. He does every job he is told to do. He rings the bell at fixed hours. He keeps a glass full of water on the Principal’s table. He has no time to rest during school hours. Early in the morning, he cleans the furniture and desks of all the classrooms. He carries the Principal’s order book to get the teachers’ signatures.

He asks every outsider, his or her purpose of visit to the school. He guides them on whom to meet. No one is allowed to enter the Principal’s office.

He is polite with everyone. The students of our school love and respect him. If the Principal is in a bad mood he tells students not to meet him. Even teachers like him for his good and smiling nature. He is sometimes strict if any student destroys school property.

He lives in one corner of the school building with his small family. He also keeps watch after the school is closed.

He is helpful to players. He also plays a few games with them. He respects teachers and in return, they too like and respect him. He is a hard-working man. For him ‘duty is beauty’. This is the secret of his life.


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