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Essay on “My Pet Aversion ” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.



Man is a strange creature. Every man has his own likes and dislikes.  One man’s meat may be another man’s poison.  Some like things hot while others like things cold.  Tastes, temperaments, attitudes, aptitudes, strengths and weakness differ from person to person.  I have my own likes and dislikes.

                I am a normal human being, as social and successful as anyone else.  There are some common  human habits that I dislike the most. There are my pet aversions.  The first amongst these is flattery.

                Flattery is a device used by people to win over others and befool them into bestowing undeserved favours on flatterers.  The art of flattery is considered by some as the most useful art.  They believe that flattery is the lubricant that make the machine of social life running smoothly.  Such flatterers and sycophants are found everywhere.  They are perfect hypocrites but they know how to get their work done.  They would flatter a person in several subtle ways and bring them round to a desired course of action.  They never mean what they say but they have no scruples or qualms of conscience.  Truth has no value for them.  They know how to play their cards and befool others.

                I hate this tribe of flatterers and their tricks.  The moment I find a person flattering another, I get worked up and feel like giving a bit of my mind to the flatterer as well as the person being flattered.  I believe that flattery is a very mean misuse of human intelligence and exploitation of the weakness of others.  One must learn to be straight forward and truthful in life.  Flatterers, I am sure, have caused more harm than good to society.

                Another thing that I positively dislike is the habit of scandalizing and backbiting.  There are people who sit in groups for hours everyday and kill a large number of characters through backbiting and scandal mongering.  Most of these scandals are either foolish figments of their polluted imagination or only mountains created out of mole-hills.  They create avoidable misunderstandings and quarrels that poison the stream of social life in a big way.  Many a time these gossips create permanent enmities extending on to several generations.  I hate backbiters and do not hesitate from exposing one whenever I catch hold of such a person.  My actions have saved several families from disaster and several friendships from being broken.  I have successfully persuaded a large number of people to desist from this evil practice.

                There is yet another thing that I dislike.  Many people are, by nature, pessimistic in their outlook and attitude.  One must not give up hope whatever the circumstances.  A defeatist attitude never pays.

                Every failure should be considered as a stepping stone to success.  Those who are always depressed never go up in life.  They dishearten others also.  One should always spread hope and joy in life.  A cheerful person makes everybody happy and cheerful.

                Man, I believe, was made in the image of God.  Let him not spoil his divine face by indulging in things like flattery, gossips, depression or backbiting.  Honesty and cheerfulness in word and deed always pay in the long run.  These may give a person a temporary setback, but victory finally belongs to those who are simple, straight forward, and honest.


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