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Essay on “Journalism as a Profession” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.



Journalism as a profession is gaining ground in these days.  There is an explosion of information.  We are living in a fast changing world with a fast flow of information.  A large number of magazines and journals have come up.  Today, we have a number of news agencies trading in news and there are more than two scores of associations of journalists in the country.  There are regular courses in journalism run in various universities.  Mass communication has already been introduced as a subject at post graduate level in many universities.  The profession of journalism now attracts a lot of able and talented students.

                Journalism requires a special bent of mind.  The first requirement of journalism as a profession is a keen interest in current events or day to day happenings.  A budding journalist must understand political, social and economic movements going on in the country and abroad.  He must take active interest in current events and have a good understanding of history and geography to develop a proper perspective.  In fact, a journalist has to be a well-read and learned man.   He must have a well-stocked mind.  He has to be awake, alert and active.  He must possess a sound memory.  He must have an analytical mind.

                A journalist must have original thinking in the face of events that take place from time to time.  He has to interpret, explain and comment on events.  He must read extensively and assimilate facts.  A journalist has a noble task to perform.  He must present facts before the people.  He is an educator.  He has to form and build public opinion.  He must have an independent way of thinking.  He must have the courage of his conviction.  He must not be biased or prejudiced against anybody or any organisation.  He must have an insight into human mind.  He must live and move among people to study their mode of living.  A good journalist combines in him all these qualities of head and heart.

                A journalist must not forget the fact that he is supposed to perform an important social duty.  It is his bounden duty to properly educate the masses in respect of their rights and duties.  Also, he has to present before one and all, the facts of day-to-day life without and bias or interest.  He has to keep his own personal prejudices away from what he is writing.  He should guard against being exploited by those who are in power.  Political clout or the power of wealth should not frighten or coerce a journalist into writing with some ulterior motive.  This requires a lot of courage, a strong conviction and a true sense of patriotism and humanism.

                Journalism today offers vast opportunities to young men and women.  It is a developing and expanding profession.  In India, the profession of journalism has a great future.  In the wake of multi-channel T.V. programmes, journalism is holding a great promise to many a young man and woman is not meant for unscrupulous persons.  Some jour distort facts and exaggerate things.  They spread baseless rumours.  There are others who thrive on slander or abuse and they take delight in obscenity and vulgarity.  This is known as “Yellow journalism”.  Such journalists as indulge in unfair practices should be brought to book.  In fact journalism as a profession can break fresh grounds and attract many young men and women in this field. 

                Journalism is a noble and challenging profession.  But some journalists fail to do their duty.  Enterprising young boys and girls who are good at creative writing should adopt journalism as a profession or as a hobby.  


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