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Essay on “Mobile Phone” Complete Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Mobile Phone

What a drastic change has been witnessed by the world in the field of telecommunications. Mobile phones and the networks behind them are proving to be a milestone in the information highway. Gone are the days when the telephone only served the purpose of communication through sound. Now the concept of convergence is rapidly changing the whole scenario. People now want everything in their mobile phones, from moving clips to mp3 songs, from games to messaging, from WAP to Internet and virtually everything.

Cellular phones were originally used in cars, airliners, and passenger trains, but increasingly becoming ubiquitous, are basically low-power radio-telephones. Calls go through radio transmitters that are located within small geographical units called cells. Because each cell’s signals are too weak to interfere with those of other cells operating on the same frequencies, more channels can be used than would be possible with high-power radio frequency transmission. Narrow-band frequency modulation (FM) is the most common mode of transmission, and each message is assigned a carrier unique to the cell from which it is transmitted. Since the cellular phone was first tested in 1978, the cellular market in Britain alone had grown at a rapid rate to over 8.5 million users by 1997. In Japan it is as high as one mobile phone per ten people. However, while the number of cellular users has increased, many new subscribers are low users. In the United Kingdom cable operators are gaining some 500,000 extra subscribers per month.

So what advantage a cellular phone has over the old rigid telephone.

Primarily it is the effectiveness of a cellular phone. The greatest advantage of a cellular phone telephones it anywhere any time, and it is to be able to receive a telephone. I telephone it so long as_ there is not you before a telephone by a traditional rigid telephone and cannot receive a telephone. It is for an owner of a telephone to almost leave the next advantage to a receiver surely. A family and the other party understanding the partner who appears than the state that I do not understand who appears among employees of a company as a traditional rigid telephone are easy to hang a telephone much . These two effectiveness would affect the spread of a cellular phone greatly. As for the instant information nature of a cellular phone, I always very think with an ,advantage in life controlled by the information that continues changing by a minute unit of an advanced information-oriented society.

I want to think with a cellular phone next whether our life became really rich. It is surely easy for a cellular phone to contact you for 24 hours, but it is it in the thing that any kind of time is always restricted to tell the reverse by a company and society. When this goes along, a holiday in pure meaning disappears and does not bear it any longer and must let it is work, and a head trouble. If it is it, you may consider it to be good when I do not want to arrive if I drop a power supply. However, may you drop a power supply as expected if it is generated that anything is serious while you drop a power supply of a cellular phone and thought that it may produce it to a company to be a loss? While primarily it thinks about a thing of a company, and you promise the loyalty to a company, it will be absolutely impossible to do it.

Finally, I want to think about society influence by diffusion of a cellular phone. Exchange of information became do at sight by what was telephoned anywhere. By it, update speed of the whole information became fast. However, the old and middle age layer needs a lot of people who are not good about speed of the information update. As the result, we can understand that all people do not have profit.

By the convenience, the cellular phone spread to this place. However, the person who is not good about the person who has been restricted by a cellular phone, the speed of information update appears. The making of system which all people can use a cellular Phone for snugly in order to reduce such a person is necessary.



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