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Essay on “India as the world sees her” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

India as the world sees her


While we may look at our country with our colored eyes and feel proud that our country has a rich legacy of ancient past, a dark shadow in between during the Middle Ages and an uncomfortable present but a bright future.  Yet the real picture of our country can be viewed only by an outsider who may be in a position to look dispassionately without pride or prejudice. 

If the person is a historian, he will no doubt give some consideration to our past heritage.  He will have enough evidence at his disposal to conclude that India was one upon a time a leader of a glorious civilization.  The fact that Indian arts have withstood the onslaught of ages and are thriving till today will convince him about the potentiality of the country’s future.  That the country has had a very strong cultural footage in ancient times when almost whole of the western world was in a deep slumber of pre-developmental stage and that the country was quite ahead in thought and deed would surely convince him. And naturally there must be a strong background and history behind such products. It is well known’s that all works of beautiful art have come down to the present generations from the previous centuries.

This does to mean that Indian is a submissive nation.  That has proved highly valiant and intelligent when the occasion demanded.  The6 have successfully withstood many cultural invasions from outside.  They have adopted many foreign influences but have been able to maintain their own cultural base despite very strong challenges from outside.  This aspect of Indian character can be looked with great admiration whoever it from outside looks. 

India has already built the necessary infra-structure of industrialization and is now implementing its green and white revolutions n the countryside. India expects to be strong enough to be reckoned as a power in Asia, next to China, in keeping with her material and manpower resources.  The super-powers of the west keep a close eye on the development of India as a power and prefer to have good friendly relations with her as the country has the capacity and leadership to come up very soon as a big power despite the hazards we are facing is the menace of terrorism in some parts of the country.  India has been fighting a proxy war in Kashmir for the last more than a decade now and there seems no end to it.

The few waves if reform sweeping over India comprising of adapting got the needs of the larger masses or people instead of just a few, as was the case in the past has caused a revolutionary stride in the recent years and brought in a new society based on science and technology.  Tradition has been no bar to modernism in India than it has been in any other country.  India has recently hosted international fashion shoes, sports events and other important shows which give a clue of the fact that the country has a capacity to develop to the standards of western culture without losing her own cultural identity.


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