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Essay on “If I Were A Tourist Bus” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If I Were A Tourist Bus

The tourist industry is one that pays large dividends to all countries that have tourist attractions. India is also one such country where the tourist industry is growing by the day. Thus, tourist buses also assume significance.

If I were a tourist bus it would be wonderful to feel that I am one of those few objects that are in great demand, by the Government and the general public alike. Though I’d be one in a fleet of thousands of such buses yet, after all, wouldn’t it be great satisfaction to be at least one among those who cater to the needs of the elite of the country and those of foreign lands, besides people of my own country India.

Since I would be a bus meant for tourists, I would be undoubtedly very well looked after and maintained, cleaned and draped well all the time, looking smart and handsome. If I were to be a tourist bus, I’d like to be one that moves from one city to another and not one meant only for the city. This is because only then I would be able to see a lot of places and my experiences with my customers would be more varied. I am very sure that, a bus which moves only in one city must be getting thoroughly bored with life seeing same places, visiting same sites, day in and day out. The bus that I would prefer to be is one that would be moving to new cities in different states. This would enhance my status as, then I would be having an All India Permit for movement Aha! what a broad horizon for my movement and what a large spectrum of delights. If one week I’d be on a tour to Rajasthan, the next week I’d be touring Punjab, and the next Kashmir. How very interesting life would be for me, and how exciting the daily routine.

Even though I know that I would get tired en route long distance travels yet, I’d be so well looked after and cared for that, all my depression and tiredness of daily chores would be swept away at night when I would be allowed rest in a neat and clean place. The driver and cleaner would make me feel fresh every morning by rubbing me and seeing to the welfare of all my body parts. They would wash me bathe me and remove all the sleepiness from my body with a good massage. The wash would be my daily bath and the rubbing a massage to my aching limbs and body. The rest at night and the cleaning and massaging in the morning would make me fresh and ready for the day’s bouts with life.

This would be a very interesting and comfortable life and mind you friends, all this without spending a single coin. I’d see places, meet people of all hues, and get my daily allowance of oil and water. What more can anyone expect from a life span of a few years?


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