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Essay on “If I Were A Disciplinarian” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If I Were A Disciplinarian


A disciplinarian is a person who cannot, yes, cannot tolerate even to see or hear of any indiscipline. Let us analyse as to what really is discipline, and why it is necessary to be disciplined. In a nutshell, discipline is very closely related to obedience, which is the foundation of any discipline. Discipline is very necessary because, with lack of discipline comes several problems of human relationships, whether at home or in the work place. Obedience is very useful as, if there is no obedience, it will lead to utter chaos and confusion, and people will be doing, as they want. With this premise, I feel that, discipline is absolutely essential for a smooth working of even a small unit like a home.

If I were a disciplinarian, the first thing that I would do would be, to infuse the habit of obedience in everyone, specially the children I say children because if they learn to be obedient, even as adults they will remain obedient in society and the community. I feel that, if children are obedient they can in later years never turn out be disobedient adults, and, if adults are not disobedient, there would be no problems in the world of adults, even at individual homes.

To study the depth of this truth, let us study any one aspect of modern life. We are all complaining all the time for instance about traffic jams on the Delhi roads. Have we ever thought as to why these problems? I daresay all this is because of basic indiscipline in our public. No one yes, no one is following the traffic rules, no one is moving at the specified Speed, no one is bothered about the traffic lights, everyone is doing just as he/ she wants and so this minor chaos daily. We can easily nail indiscipline as the cause of the confusion on the roads. If the adults on the roads were more disciplined, such problems would never take birth. This is just one obvious example of indiscipline such behaviour is to-day found in every sphere of life and this is in turn the main cause of problems all large and small.

If I were a disciplinarian I would infuse strict discipline in my family first and then, turn on to discipline others in my sphere of influence, or areas of my approach. I would explain to people why discipline is necessary for the smooth and efficient functioning of everything and, once convinced, I’m sure my word would carry weight. If people would tell me that rules and laws are not very practical so they cannot follow them, my advice to them would be if rules are not practical, try to get them amended but, do not break the rules that exist. I would tell people never to take the law in their hands as, this causes more and more confusion. If people genuinely feel that a rule is absurd. they should raise a voice against it but never break it, till it is there. This would be my first advice to people if I were a disciplinarian.

I am sure if I were a disciplinarian at least some would agree with my View and even follow it. I am sure that, as things stand today, with this idea I would be branded as foolish or even mad while some others would find me ridiculous. However even with so much controversy about me and my thoughts, I would be very proud of being a disciplinarian, I am sure I would also be admired by a few even after so much opposition to my thoughts. N o matter what people thought about me and my absurd views I am sure that, if I were a disciplinarian I would never divert from my single minded approach  on the matter of  discipline. I would never compromise on this matter what or who may be involved. This is all because I genuinely. feel that discipline is absolutely essential for any real growth and development in the right direction. I also firmly believe that, the basic cause of each and every problem of life today can be attributed to this single thing called indiscipline or lack of discipline. If we dare to go to the depth of any problem at home, in the society, in the work place or in the country we can find the cause is surely indiscipline. So when I become a disciplinarian of sorts I hope to eradicate the malaise from the country, only just by imparting discipline wherever I go.


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