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Essay on “Animals too have rights” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Animals too have rights



  1. Importance of animal rights,

  2. Humans have overridden everything to satisfy their own needs.

  3. Evolution of humans’ relationship with animals.

  4. Importance of animals in the ecological Context

  5. Humans callously snatch away the rights of animals though ‘human rights’ are considered all important.

  6. Refusal to recognize animal rights can be disastrous 

To some people, the suggestion of rights for animals might sound too petty to be considered an issue worth pondering over. To such people it would be worth considering only if it was vested with human interests and gains. The subject of rights for animals gains impetus . from the present imbalanced ecological system-a system which ought to be a shared habitat of humans and animals alike, but which, unfortunately, has been crippled largely due to human maneuvering.

The human being evolved as a species from the animal form to develop into the most intelligent creatures in nature’s cycle. The potential to develop perceptive skills, ability to record and register things, ability to communicate in a verbal language enabled the man to surpass the other animals. Alongside developed the desire to acquire the supreme position, the desire to gain command over all things. Consequently, humans have overridden everything to satisfy their luxurious needs.

Pre-historic times were marked by an interdependent relationship between humans and animals. Food and later clothing were the chief requirements of humans for which he was completely dependent on animals. An animal, besides being the provider of food, clothing and a means of transport, was very often a companion to humans. The gradual progress of humankind in various fields relegated animals as adjuncts to the human race. Cultivation and development of mechanized modes of transportation almost limited the importance of animals to human existence. Though modernization did not completely break the bonds between animals and humans, it somehow made humans indifferent to animals. This indifferent attitude worsened with time, with hardly any consideration for animals’ rights.

Yes, animals too have rights. And this needs to be realized especially in the light of the fact that human existence is a part and parcel of nature, which is the ultimate controlling force. Humans may have gained independence to support themselves but ecology still demands a harmonious relation between the animal kingdom and human existence to sustain its balance.

Unlike humans, whose rights are constitutionally defined and registered in written form, animals enjoy no such provisions. Just as humans, animals too have the right to a free existence, right not to be killed, right to natural habitat and right to be protected against extinction. Unfortunately, however, all these rights have been grossly violated by humans.

The treatment meted out to animals raises concerns over their posterity. Their plight is evident in the way man uses them for his own interests. Animals are subjected to painful medical and technological research experiments in an attempt to create better species, to make animal yields to maximal levels in minimal time through medication. Poaching of animals for their body parts is another example I of human selfishness. What is most tragic is the fact that animals have to bear the brunt of problems triggered by humans-population explosion in the wake of medical and technological advances, food shortage, deforestation, and environmental pollution.

These problems have resulted in the annexation of the basic necessities of animals crucial for their survival. Thus humans are robbing animals of their basic right of existence. Humans-the sole advocates of rights themselves-have become the violators.

The muteness of animals incapacitates them to advocate their rights. Nevertheless, they have over and again professed their rights through physical manifestations which have not escaped human attention. The example of tiger turning man-eater is a traditional example of the result of man’s excessive interference with the laws of nature. The gravity of the situation can be estimated by the fact that even herbivores like elephants have developed man-eating tendencies. The encroachment of forest lands to accommodate the ever-increasing human race and growing urbanization has had disastrous consequences. Elephants require large amounts of vegetation to survive. Deforestation has left them with a marginal vegetation. This forces them to feed on human cultivated fields which creates strife between elephants and humans.

The Change in behavioural patterns such as nesting, migration, food habits are all exemplifications of the animals’ unease with their surroundings, altered largely due to humans.

Concern over the issue of animals’ rights began to be shown by few only when the disturbed ecological balance started posing a threat to human existence itself. It is the responsibility of the human race to respect the rights of animals, more so because humans are just animals blessed with reasoning powers. Their role is to modify nature for improvements, not rape it for personal gains. What best can be done by the human race as way of showing its respect for the rights of others is to stop greedy encroachment of nature.


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