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Essay on “Advertising an expensive means to sell” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Advertising an expensive means to sell


Advertisement is an effective and skillful way of selling various consumer goods specially luxuries and convenience. Advertisements dominate the television and radio programmers’, newspapers and magazines. It has become a major industry involving services of personals including top-most artists, industry involving services of personals including top-most artists, actors, musicians and model. Huge sums of money are spent for promotion of goods and services. There are very few people who know the secret of effective advertisement and their earning is very high. There are advertisements of some consumer brands which cost them crores of rupees and they earn crores in return. The most successful actors and models are paid hefty sums to act for an advertisement of a few seconds. It seems that the worth of the articles advertised, is of very little value, what matters is the way I which public attention is drawn towards it. A clever advertiser is he who can draw money out of the most cautious and miserly customers. The press is also an efficient and penetrating medium of advertisement as it can reach the largest readership. The radio, the cinema, the roadside banners, show cards and electric flashlights are other means of advertising.

      Advertising does not benefit only the producers of goods and services. It gives an occasion to the consumer to select from among a vast variety and test the effectiveness of the good. It also keeps the prices of essential consumer goods at the lowest possible and helps maintain the quality in sharp competition. In modern times, especially since the drawn of computer age, advertisements have become very attractive and provides employment of millions of people worldwide. It has an irresistible appeal for aspiring young boys and girls to become models for advertising and earn good money.

   The younger generations, besides the housewives are especially impressed by the new products, soaps, modes of conveyance, the latest dresses and artificial fabrics. Since and appeal is irresistible, modern youth are especially attracted towards them. The younger ones make insistent demands on their parents are purchase of new fashion dresses and other articles of convenience. The claims of manufacturers are very high about their goods. Their utility, durability, economy and the result of latest technology, etc. the parents naturally resist the unending demands of their growing children as it turns out to be a big drain on their purse. There is only a small percentage of affluent people who are able to afford for all such expensive dresses and other goods for their children and other members of family. It is the weaker sections of society especially the middle class who have to bear the brunt of sharp advertising as it causes a deep debt in their budget. The older children of weaker sections of society are sometimes so much lured by this advertisement bliss that they fall into bad ways to earn a fast buck. Many of them are compelled to work for some anti social elements and it becomes sometimes very difficult for them to come out of their vicious circle.

       The impact of commercial advertising on the sensitive minds is so great that they begin to lose their sense of proportion and are carried away by the manufacturers persistent publicity. Jealousy and the effort bot to be left behind in the race for a higher standard of living, makes many an honest person resort to unfair means like corruption and underhand ways to make for the latest advertised articles like expensive electronic gadgets at home, expensive cars and dresses. Even the most honest people are compelled to resort to underhand means to supplement their incomes with a view to meeting the demands of their family members. The greed for money has given rise to a underhand culture, where everyone is ready to resort to whatever unfair he is able to put his hand into, forgetting all the norms of honesty and high social morals. The advertising campaigners promote the sales of luxury goods through media like television and the radio, to which everyone, both high and low have an easy access. At one end of the spectrum there are affluent people possessing all sorts of modern gadgets, electronic devices for entertainment, several conveniences and also various articles and furniture in their drawing rooms. At the other end are the lower middle class and the poor, who cannot buy any of these advertised articles and are barely able to feed and clothe themselves and their family. This contrast of life styles has become too glaring to be ignored. Such social imbalances, inevitable breed social insert and frustration among the have notch.

     The advertising of latest discoveries and conveniences has a direct impact on the through of the so called have-notch especially children and women. The logical and legal effort to earn fast bucks doesn’t mature with them not do they have any hope of getting them so easily. The temptation allures them either to steal or snatch away wherever the hand can be put. Also such unrest, discontentment and the sense of grievance leads to agitations against the ruling class and whenever they find an occasion to give vent to feelings aloud, like the election time or any other reason for protest, they take dominant active part, to clash on the public property or the residential and commercial establishments of the rich.

    The ever-increasing television channels, worldwide, are all products of advertisement. The advertising companies pay them enormous sums of money to sponsor programmers, shows, live broadcasts of important world events like international match competitions, fashion shows, exhibitions an the like. It has no doubt, a twin benefit both for the advertisers and the public at large. The people are able to get a first hand information about the events, at no cast, at their convenience inside their houses. The most popular television serials attract number of advertisers for the advertisements of their products and they charge them hefty sums for some seconds of air-time. The viewers get bored by the excessive advertisements shown between the programmers and the advertisements of some particular product is repeated so frequently that the viewers like to switch off or opt for change over to another channel. Some such commercial advertisements become so popular that the youngsters, even small children, copy the actions of the actors and take lot of pleasure out of it. The advertising companies provide chances of acting to various types of individuals which serves best their aim of bringing home the qualities of their product to the viewers. Even small children and old people are seen I the advertisements of various kinds. It is actually the talents of the masters in the trades, which is put to test, and the better the advertisement, better the sales of the product, is the belief of the modern day producer of goods. Gone are the days, when the quality and durability of a product would make it popular In the market. This is the age of advertising, not the quality. The consumer is lured by the get-up and advertisement more than the quality.

      An another important and worth attention consequence of advertising in a developing country like India is that with the people as well as authorities becoming more and more conscious about the luxurious life-styles of the affluent people of the advanced countries, there is misdirection of limited resources. While selecting the priorities of provisions a poor country spends more on production of motor-cars, air-conditioners and expensive gadgets than keeping enough provision for more and more cheaper shelter, more cloth of less expensive variety which the masses can afford, mass education and medical care. More stress on proper urbanization and providing more and more avenues for the rich to the richer is the consequence of this awareness through advertising. The gap between the rich and the poor goes on increasing. The fate of realities continues to be in shambles as the resources are not adequate for their development. But for the expensive roads and air-ports and bungalows and flyovers and expensive hospitals, hotels and all like that, there are sufficient funds as they are required for the urban rich.

      The cost of basic necessaries of life is fast increasing because of the expensive advertising and the urban poor suffer most as their earning are left to mere subsistence level. The rural poor are already crushed under the impact of rising prices of essential commodities but when prices of their agricultural products are taken into account it is never more than a one-tenth of the cost of a cereal product available in a posh city area. It is because of overhead advertising expensive and the profit margins kept by the distributing and retailing agencies to cater to expensive standards of their life as a consequence of advertising.


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