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Essay on “A Visit to a School in the Interval” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Visit to a School in the Interval


In the midst of the school daily routine, there is an interval. This period of the interval is meant for the children and the teachers to eat, play, chat, and enjoy the time serving as a pleasant break from the monotony of class after class.

The morning freshness is almost over by mid-day, when the interval period comes, yet, there are an equal number of periods of study still to come after the break. Thus, we may say like the time is of mid-day, the period of the interval is also the middle of the school routine. It gives a new boost to the energy levels, the moods pick up once again, and both, the children and the teachers get as if rejuvenated for the oncoming bout with books.

Once I happened to visit a school when it was their break time. The scene was very interesting for, girls were mostly sitting in the lawns, games fields and corners busy in their favorite pastime chatting away to glory. Some others, may be the bookworms as they are commonly called, were seen walking up and down nervously, memorizing from books and copies in their hands. It appeared as if, they were to have a test after the break, and had found the break time a solace, a breather before the test. On the other hand, the boys, as usual were found busy playing some game or the other, boxing each other or just even hitting one another. They were least concerned about what was happening around them, or, for that matter about the probable test ahead in the periods to come. It looked as if the boys had no care in the world, and playing was only their immediate concern.

On the other hand, the smaller children were a cool sight to watch. All of them yes all of them were quietly eating from their Tiffin boxes, most unconcerned about anything around them. Some were playing on the swings and some were on the slides. Oh! What a scene of merrymaking it was.

With this variety of scenes in front of the school, the institution was just simply reverberating with all sorts of sounds. The sounds were of all kinds, noises of children playing, shouting about, laughter of the bigger ones, and at times even crying of the very small ones. One could hardly imagine that, just a few minutes before, the same children were studying seriously in their respective classrooms, and that, they will continue to do the same once the interval is over. What flashed through my mind was how we change with changing needs of the times and atmosphere. The same children who were so serious a few minutes back could so much relish enjoy and even utilise the break. Those quiet children in the class had all of a sudden become a crowd of boisterous noisy urchins. Not only this much, within another few minutes they will once again revert to the same serious mood. How wonderful the human mind is, and how adjustable a wonder isn’t it?

This little scene of an interval in a school enlightened me to the deeper thoughts of understanding how very adaptable and malleable man is, how he moves from mood to mood and from pleasure to pain-This in turn shows how so very well disciplined we can be and give what is required of us to the times.

I was just enjoying the scene with mixed feelings and mixed attitudes when the bell rang, and believe me, I could, not believe my ears when, so spontaneously the loud noises were at once as if switched off. Now, all the children at once quietly came to make lines to return to their classes” Oh, What discipline and what a capacity to adjust we humans have, this little scene of an interval in school showed me.


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