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Essay on “A Drowning Scene” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Drowning Scene


 A tragedy occurring in front of one’s eyes is just the A unhappiest thing that could happen to anyone. This becomes worse to bear when the victim still of the tragedy is one’s own loved one.

I remember one such tragedy that occurred some years back, and believe me that horror scene has still not been erased from my eyes, nor has the impact blurred from my mind. When I was in Standard V, three years back, this incident occurred and I vividly remember how this tragedy occurred, and how my friends and I tried all to save the hapless victim but could do nothing. We were all frustrated and heartbroken as, the victim was very much ours.

When I was in Standard V, in the month of December, as usual we went for our class picnic near the Okhla barrage at the River Yamuna. We were sixty children and six teachers were also with us. In the bus itself as we drove through the roads we began our enjoyment spree, with songs, jokes, poems and of course snacks all the way. Once we reached the barrage, we looked for a nice cozy and quiet place where we could all sit, spread ourselves, and enjoy. The bed covers were spread, the eats placed in their respective places, and music started resounding the entire area. A few of us started playing badminton, some opened out their chess board, some shuffled cards and believe me, the picnic started with a brilliant note. The teachers also sat in one place, chatting and playing games with the children. The aura was set and all the children within a span of ten minutes got busy doing something or the other, playing, chatting, or listening to music. This continued for about half an hour when we were called for breakfast. All of us came, sat together and had a sumptuous breakfast, or bread, parathas, cheese, butter, cutlets and what not. When this eating was over, the games were on once again. This time we were in for group games like word building, dumb sharads, etc. While we were all busy playing, Atul, and four of his close friends, who included me also, asked the teachers for permission to go for a swim. The teachers asked them all if they knew swimming well enough to do it alone and all said yes. Though with some hesitation, the teachers finally granted us the permission to go for a swim, and asked us to ensure that we come back within an hour after which we could all take lunch together.

With the permission all got into their swimming suits and saying bye-bye to all went towards the water. It was very interesting to jump into the water and swim to quite a distance. Just as all our friends turned their faces away from the water, there was a loud shout and all of them looked back simultaneously. Hearing the shout from the Water I returned to the bank and came out, little realizing that danger was for one of us. As I came out and looked towards the water, to my horror I saw all the others as if struggling for dear life. We, on the bank did not really understand as to what had happened, and at once, one of the teachers shot off to call for a swimmer who may be able to help and save the boys. It was obvious that they were in trouble but, I did not dare to jump in again and, none of the others knew swimming. The loud cries and shouts were tearing into our ears but we were just gazing at them helplessly though restlessly too. Within a few moments, a swimmer was found as a saviour, and he jumped into the water. It appeared that the time we took in looking for a swimmer was infinity, for, when he came out with all the five, four had breathed their last, and just one Vinaya was alive. Oh! What a picnic it had been, an entertainment spree in which we lost four of our friends and classmates. Their last words bye-bye were continuously haunting our ears. They had said, we will have lunch after a short swim, who knew that they had said their last bye-bye to all of us, and that, they had had their last supper last night no more lunches and dinners were in store for them.

We just immediately packed off and loading their bloated bodies instead of them, we started homewards this tragedy I can never forget, and, whenever there is a suggestion of a picnic or a swim, I positively decline. This incident occurred three years back but the memory has not blotted out of my mind, I just cannot forget the faces of those dear friends who had gone for a short swim before lunch, and never returned for lunch after the fatal swim. The scene is so fresh in my mind as if it occurred just a few days back.


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