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Essay on “A visit to a cinema show” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A visit to a cinema show

I am not a film fan. I rarely go to see a picture. It does not mean that I have no taste for films. The truth is that most of the films produced in our country are cheap and far from reality. I do not go to see a picture unless I am assured by a number of people that the picture is really worth seeing. I do not like most of the modern films.

A long time back, I saw a film entitled ‘Shikast’. That film left a lasting impression on me. The film is based on a famous Bengali novel ‘Palli Samaji” by Sarat Chander Chatterjee. It has been directed by Ramesh Sehgal. The important stars in the film are Nalini Jaywant, Dalip Kumar, and Durga Khote. I liked the film for its beautiful dialogues and the superior acting of Dalip Kumar and Nalini Jaywant. Dalip Kumar’s name in the film is Ram. Nalini Jaywant is called Sushma. Ram and Sushma are in love. But they do not make a vulgar display of their love as they do in more romantic films like Bobby. They never show that they are madly in love with each other. The storm is in their hearts.

They do not talk of love by saying that they are dying because of passion. They never cross the limit of decency. Sushma and Ram play their parts in an admirable manner. The other actors also play their roles in a befitting manner.

The film is the story of the victory of light over darkness. I liked the picture of its good theme. It tells us about the Indian life and culture. The dialogue is forceful and meaningful. Rural life has been shown in a realistic manner. The film is full of inspiration through the noble ideals from the beginning to the end. The characters of the film are ideal and excellent. I should say that the film is excellent from every angle. I am highly impressed by it.

Essay No. 2

A Visit To A Cinema Show

I am not a cinema fan but seldom miss a good film. Cinema is the gift of science. It is a cheap means of recreation. This is the reason that cinema is becoming popular. A large number of people go there daily.

I go to the cinema now and then. I do not see any and every picture. I see only those films which are good. Thus I have seen many good pictures. Among all of them I liked Jagrati best I went to see it on a Sunday. When I was ready to go, my friend, Ravi came to see me. I took him with me.

Last Friday we went to the Urvashi Cinema House to see Jagrati. There was a big crowd outside the hall. People were roaming about. Some were talking about the film. Some were looking at posters. There was a great rush at the booking window. It was very difficult to get at it. The people were pushing one another. With great difficulty we got tickets.

The was well-lighted. It was quite cool. Soon the hall was fully crowded. In front of us was a big silver screen.

Exactly at 6.30 p.m., all the lights in the hall went off. At first, there were few advertisements.

After this, some newsreels were shown. Then the picture began. The main actors were Ratan Kumar and Abhi Bhattacharya. They played the parts of Ajaya Mukerji and Shekhar. The plot of the story was very interesting and instructive. It was about us and the teachers. Ajaya was the only son of his parents. He was brought up with great love and care. So his habits had become very bad. His father began to beat him. But it did not mend him. So his father sent him to live in a hostel. He had thought that Ajaya would become worse. After some time, a new superintendent took charge of the hostel. His name was Shekher. He treated the boy psychologically. In doing so, he had to face many difficulties, but at last, he succeeded. He could mend Ajaya. Ajaya became a very good boy. He got the prize of the best boy at the Prize- Distribution of the school. The songs in the picture were wonderful. Two of them were Chalo Chalen Man and Aoo Bachchon Tumhen Dikhayen Jhanki Hindustan ki.

The show came to a close at 10 p.m. The crowd left the hall appreciating the picture very much. The film had a very great educative value. I liked the picture very much. The evening was spent very nicely. This film has become a memory. I enjoy it mentally to recollect.

Essay No. 3

A Visit to A Cinema

Hindustan Ki Kasam was released in our town. It is a famous patriotic film. Although it is an old film, we wanted to see it. My friends and I decided to go and see this film on Sunday. We booked the tickets for the first show. The first show starts at 6.30 p.m. We reached the cinema hall at 6.15 p.m. We got inside the hall. The hall was floodlit. Soon more people started coming in. As soon as the hall was full, the lights were switched off and it became totally dark. At first, some newsreels were shown. After that, the actual film started.

It was the story of the Indo-Pakistan aggression of 1971. Pakistan attacked India in a bid to stop India from interfering in the affairs of East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. The hero is an Air Force pilot. He loses his brother in the war. He then volunteers to go into the Pakistani territory to destroy their military installations. He is helped by the heroine in this venture. She enters Pakistan as a spy and starts working at the Pakistan Radio Station. The whole film revolves around their commitment to save their country.

During the interval, people went out to buy refreshments. They were all talking about beautiful photography and melodious songs. Some were even praising the actions of the hero and the heroine. Others were marveling at the fight and the war sequences of the film.

The film tried to highlight the dedication of the Indian Armed Forces and the sacrifices their families made in order to protect the independence of the country.

The film had many dramatic moments and many realistic portraits of various characters. This is the picture that fills you with pride about the motherland. This film is ably directed. I wish there were many more films like this. It arouses in us a feeling of patriotism.




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