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Essay on “Socialism in India” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Socialism in India

Socialism means a society in which everybody is equal both economically and socially. It believes in the equality of man. It means that wealth should not accumulate in the hands of some people only. In socialism man does not exploit man.

India is a free country now. The writer of our constitution had recommended a secular socialistic pattern of society for this country. our country is developing industrially very fast. Many industries have come up. The society is bound to divide into two groups, the workers or labourers and the capitalists. In such a society the capitalist exploits the labourer. The labour class does not get the fruit of their hard-work. The capitalists go on getting richer and richer. They enjoy the honour and status of the masters and hold all power and pelf. They do not allow the labour class come up economically and  socially. 

This situation has tended to crop up in this country despite the law of the land quite against it. But there is nothing to worry about it.  India is a democratic country. Opportunities of  education  and power are not centered with a particular group or section of society. A son of a worker can  achieve highest education and sit on the seat of power. There are thousands of examples where persons belonging to the lowest class of society are holding posts of highest responsibility. The doors  of politics are open to all. Anybody can contest elections by winning the favour of his supporters. There is the group of opposition in the parliament and all Assemblies. They do not allow the Government to do anything wrong. The doors of injustice. As such, India will not allow any such inhuman condition  prevail on the society. There are opportunities for the hard working and the skilled to go higher and higher in their performances and nobody is going to stop. There is no room for exploitations. Media is a powerful means of expression. People with highest educational and mental capacities are with the media of the country. no injustice in who is worth it. Any lapse committed by  a person with highest power can be highlighted with force and corrected before it does any harm. The improved means of communication and the powerful media does not allow any kind of injustice done to any person of ordinary capacity. Growing interest in educational opportunities makes the situation safer day by day. As such it is felt that the dream of our society being secular and socialist in character is fulfilling and becoming a reality.   




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