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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “My Ambition-To Build a Hospital” Complete Essay for Class 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and Graduation Students.

My Ambition-To Build a Hospital

What a person becomes after growing old depends to a large extent on the surroundings and influences in which he/she grows.

Since my early childhood, I have seen my father, who is a doctor work day and night for the good of his patients. To him, no patient was big or small. He gave the same care and attention to rich patients as he did to poor patients. His aim in life was to bring relief to the sufferings of his patients.

I have also seen my mother working alongside my father. She advised the relatives of the patients about the need for proper treatment. She also allayed fears about the diseases and the length of treatment.

There have been a number of incidents when more than my father’s medicine, my mother’s advice worked in curing a patient.

My parents never took advantage of any patient I do not say so because they are my parents. I have heard this from a number of people who had come for treatment to my father. As I grew old I realized that my parents had led a life full of sacrifices, just because they believed that doctors are meant to serve the people.

Today, as I stand on that threshold of my life where I have to choose a profession, I think I would like my parents to devote my life to the cure of the sick and the poor. For this, I will have to work very hard so that I am able to acquire sufficient skills to cope up with the ever-enlarging range of diseases. I have to study the latest advancements made by science towards finding a cure for some of the dreaded diseases.

After I am a fully qualified Doctor, I will like to take the help of my parents to upgrade and modernize the facilities that we can offer our patients. I would like to expand our modest clinic into a full-fledged charitable hospital. For this, I will take loans from the Banks. I will request specialist doctors in various disciplines to come and donate their valuable time to this hospital free of charge or at a nominal consultation fee. I am fully aware that medical treatment today is very expensive. Therefore 1 would like to make a provision to take only a token amount as fees from the poor. While those who can pay will be charged the regular fees.

A doctor’s profession is a noble profession. Besides, it is also interesting and challenging


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