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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Forest Day-27th March” Complete Essay for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students for Exam.

Forest Day-27th March

Forest Day is celebrated on the 27th of March every year to make people and planters aware about the uses of trees and its contribution to the environment. They not only provide fruits and wood and give beauty to our surroundings, but they work like green lungs cleansing our atmosphere.

Vegetation or forest is produced as a result of sunshine, water and soil. India is very lucky to have all these, but our forest cover is diminishing day by day. Greedily and carelessly we are cutting down trees and inflicting damage to the environment. Plants and trees hold the soil together and prevent soil erosion by wind or flowing water. Excess water absorbed by their roots, comes out through leaves during the process of transpiration of water vapour. The water vapour which is created due to transpiration of leaves make our environment cool and bring rain, which is the life of crops and vegetation. Green leaves which take in carbon dioxide to prepare their food, carbohydrate, release life giving gas, oxygen in turn. Thus greenhouse effect is lessened and we feel fresh due to plenty of oxygen. What to sing the saga of trees and forest! They provide us food, wood, medicine, timber, spices and whatnot. Not only this, in forest flora and fauna flourish, living in harmony with each other. Thus an equilibrium is maintained in the environment through trees and forests.

Sensing the importance of forest in human life our Government drew up a ‘National Forest Policy’ in 1953 on this day of 27th March. The Policy’s main directive was that thirty-three percent of the land surface must remain under forest cover. But in actual fact we find that the area of forest has been reduced. The reasons being political apathy and poverty. The observance of the Forest Day reminds us every year that a healthy forest is of great importance for us. Natural forest is being re-planted with teak and eucalyptus. But the chief strength of a forest lies in its diversity. Native as well as exotic species of plants should be planted. But it is the duty of citizens to protect and preserve our resource “Forest’ on which many industries depend for raw material. Added to this all the small pieces of land, public or private must be used to plant suitable type of trees with the help of each other’s cooperation.


“Forest is a wealth, Use and preserve it as cult.”


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