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Congratulations letter regarding being selected for the national team.

Congratulations letter regarding being selected for the national team

Jan. 16, 2003

Dear Rahul,

When I saw your name in the India probable for the Nairobi tournament, I found my eyes moist with happiness. Rahul, you have done it, and done it in style. It could not have been a better moment to play for the nation in the Mini World Cup. Playing with you, I was aware that this day is definitely going to come. Your sincerity and devotion incorporated with the “Never-Say-Die Attitude” has really clicked. But now lies the real test of strength and the battle of nerves, playing the Aussies and the South Africans. You should maintain your cool like you have always done before and do not let big names of cricket bug you. Hopefully, my business assignments should take me to Nairobi, as we are negotiating on the diamond business with a reputed dealer in Nairobi. If the deal clicks then I’ll be there with you, otherwise T.V. is always there. I was always proud of you Rahul but today I’m the proudest Indian and I pray to God that you come out with flying colours. Congratulating you on this memorable achievement of yours.

Cricketingly Yours,




Jan. 20, 2003

Dear Devanand,

Your letter to me is a source of strength and as a friend you had always been one to criticise me, find faults with my cricketing disabilities and then change them to my abilities. You have always been a single guiding factor to this state and if it is anyone, other than my parents, who deserve the credit for my ‘being where I’m today, it is you Devu. I have received lot of congratulatory letters from a lot more people than I remember, but your stands unique in a way that without bestowing much appreciation, you have sounded caution, which again is so typical of you. Devu, I need you in Nairobi, so I pray to God that this deal of your clicks and you are there when I make my debut against the Aussies in the One Day International. I’m sure that with you beside me, I can handle any pressure of international cricket. Hope you will be there when I need you. See you in Nairobi.

Cricketingly Yours,



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