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CBSE ASL Speaking Topic “conversation between two friends Sohan and Mohan regarding an accident” for Class 9, 10, 11 and 12 Students.

CBSE ASL Speaking Topic “Conversation between two friends Sohan and Mohan regarding an accident”

Conversation on the Topic “An Accident” for Class 9, 10, 11 and 12 Students.

Sohan: Hello, Mohan! What happened here?

Mohan: An accident has taken place here five minutes back.

Sohan: How did it happen?

Mohan: I have come to know from a passer-by that a Fiat car and a truck collided headlong with each other.

Sohan: These truck drivers drive very carelessly.

Mohan: You are right. They are very rash drivers.

Sohan: Has anybody been seriously injured?

Mohan: It seems that the life of the truck driver is in danger because he was struck on the head very badly.

Sohan: It’s so bad.

Mohan: The occupants of the Car have also been injured but they are out of danger.

Sohan: Have the injured been removed to the hospital?

Mohan: Yes. Luckily, a police Flying Squad was passing this way and have removed all the injured to the Safdarjung Hospital.

Sohan: Thank God. Let us hope that the lives of all the injured are saved.

Mohan: I have heard that the truck driver was dead drunk.

Sohan: It is for this reason that our Government has prohibited the Drivers to drive under the influence of drinking.

Mohan: I think this is a very good step. Because a driver who is drunk is liable to commit an accident on the road.

Sohan: Life in Delhi is becoming very risky. Some of these truck drivers, bus drivers, and three-wheeler scooter drivers, drive recklessly and endanger the life of others.

Mohan: These truck drivers in reality never bother for their own safety or the safety of others.

Sohan: Because they are invariably under the influence of some or the other intoxicants.

Mohan: You are right. And these three-wheeler scooter drivers have no sense of road safety. They drive as they like without giving proper signals.

Sohan: Because of all these reasons every day in Delhi so many accidents take place causing deaths on the road.

Mohan: Only yesterday I saw a very serious accident on the Ring Road between a bus and a three-wheeler scooter causing two deaths instantaneously on the spot.

Sohan: Life in Delhi has really become so risky that if you drive any kind of vehicle, a scooter or a motorcycle, you never know whether you will come back home in one piece or not.

Mohan: You are right. For this reason I always my motorcycle very slowly and carefully.

Sohan: I also drive very cautiously, but sometimes accidents take place not due to your own fault but due to the fault of others.

Mohan: I agree with you. Because somebody may just hit you from behind and an accident may take place due to no fault of yours.

Sohan: Exactly. The only thing we can do is we should follow all the rules of road safety and drive very cautiously.


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