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CBSE ASL Speaking Topic “Conversation between two friends Habib and Zeenat regarding a visit to a Hill Station.”

CBSE ASL Speaking Topic “Conversation between two friends Habib and Zeenat regarding a visit to a Hill Station.”

Conversation on the Topic “A Visit to A Hill Station” for Class 9, 10, 11 and 12 Students.

Habib: Hello, Zeenat!

Zeenat: Hello, Habib!

Habib: It’s getting very hot in Delhi now-a-days.

Zeenat: We are planning to go to some hill station. Habib: We have been going to hill stations every year but this time I am afraid we have to stay in Delhi itself.

Zeenat: Which hill stations have you seen?

Habib: I have been to Simla, Srinagar, Mussourie Nainital and Darjeeling.

Zeenat: Wonderful! But I have only seen Shimla so far.

Habib: Where did you stay in Shimla?

Zeenat: We stayed at the Grand Hotel.

Habib: Wonderful! When we went there we also stayed at the same Hotel.

Zeenat: How did you like Shimla?

Habib: We enjoyed ourselves very much there. I liked the Mall and the scenery around mountains of Shimla.

Zeenat: We are planning to go to Srinagar this time.

Habib: I think it’s a good idea. You will love the Kashmir Valley.

Zeenat: Have you been to Kashmir?

Habib: Yes. I have been to Kashmir twice. Once by air and once by rail upto Pathankot and from there by road upto Srinagar.

Zeenat: Do you like to go by air or by road?

Habib: I prefer to go by road because you can enjoy the scenery but there is no doubt that it is a little tiresome.

Zeenat: We are also going by rail upto Jammu and from there we shall travel by bus upto Srinagar.

Habib: I think you will like the scenery if you go by bus from Jammu to Srinagar.

Zeenat: It is said that Kashmir is a heaven on earth.

Habib: You are absolutely right. It is a land of beautiful lakes and wonderful gardens.

Zeenat: What are the things to be seen in Srinagar?

Habib: The Dal Lake is worth seeing. There are beautiful House-boats and Shikaras floating in the lake.

Zeenat: I have heard that there are beautiful gardens in Srinagar.

Habib: Yes. You can visit Shalimar and Nishat gardens. They are all very beautiful.

Zeenat: Any other places?

Habib: There are so many other places. You can visit Chashma Shahi, Verinag and Anantnag. Then you can climb the Shankaracharya Hill.

Zeenat: What about Pahalgam and Gulmarg?

Habib: They are very good places. You can stay for a week each at Pahalgam and Gulmarg. You will enjoy yourself, very much there.

Zeenat: We are going tomorrow by Kashmir Mail.

Habib: When will you be returning?

Zeenat: We shall be returning after four weeks.

Habib: O.K. I wish you a very happy journey.

Zeenat: Thank you dear Habib, Good bye.

Habib: Bye, bye, dear Zeenat.


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