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CBSE ASL of Speaking Answer 6 for Class 11, Prompt-6 “Your friend drives a car”


Your friend drives a car to school and tuitions. Convince him not to do so till he gets a driving licence. Discuss with your partner:

  • What the risks involved are in teenage driving.

  • How you will convince him not to break the law.


Candidate A:  Our friend Manish is doing a very bad thing these days.

Candidate B: What exactly he is doing?

Candidate A:  He is driving a car to school as well as to tuitions even though he is not having a Driving Licence.  

Candidate B:  That is very bad of him. Did he realize he is breaking law?

Candidate A: Yes! He knows that but still does it on regular basis.

Candidate B: Then he is risking his life just because of fun He should be properly guided and counseled.

Candidate A:  Yes! His parents should also participate in this case and do not let him take the car away.

Candidate B:  Yes if his parents, teachers and friends equally make him feel that he is doing wrong only then he will leave this bad habit.

Candidate A:   I think this idea will work.

Candidate B: Definitely just visit his home

Candidate A:  Yes! Let’s go.     


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