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Books – English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay on – Books

Books are a treasure house of knowledge. They are the best friends and companions of man. They have stood by him in good and bad days. The only best possession of man is books.

Books take us to different parts of the world without spending any money on travel. They make us laugh, cry, think and also, they entertain us.

There are books on many subjects. They enhance our knowledge. There are books on drama, poetry, literature, history, stories. There are good and entertaining novels. There are books on science fiction. There are books on the life and work of people called biographies. There are auto-biographies. Books sharpen our comprehension, vision and broaden our outlook in many ways. They provide us with lots of knowledge about the past and the present, about the people and their ways of living, about the seasons and the weathers of different lands and regions.

There are books on crimes and detectives. One such book is of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ written by ‘Conan Doyle’. It sharpens our power of inference and detection of crimes It is worth reading.

There are books on religion. The Gita influenced me the most. All the books on various religions lay stress on good deeds. Books have led scientists to invent. Poets dream first, scientists bring their dreams to reality by inventing such machines and instruments.

There are books on great men of the world. They tell us how they became great or achieved greatness. Such books must be read. We should read only selected books that help us in the development of our character, work and personality.

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