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Biology Text Book ” Lab Manual Biology” for Class 11 NCERT E-Book.

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  1. I chetan chavda says:

    It not bad but from this i haven’t download whole lab manual of biology i am very sad

  2. palwinder says:

    where is practical no. 33

    • evirtualguru_ajaygour says:

      Hi Palwinder, We will upload Practical no.33 very soon, Thanks for comment in this post.


  3. vishal yadav says:

    Where is chapter -23

    • evirtualguru_ajaygour says:

      Hi Vishal Yadav , We will upload Chapter 23 of Lab Manual Biology Book Class 11 very soon. Please check continuously evirtualguru.com.



    • evirtualguru_ajaygour says:

      Hi Mohammed Wahab, we will upload Biology text book chapter no. 12 very soon.



  4. diya says:

    Can I get experiment no. 33

  5. Niharika Kashyap says:

    Its not bad thank you

  6. Shafeek Abdul says:

    Many chapters are missing. It will be highly useful if you can make us download as a single file sir

    • evirtualguru_ajaygour says:

      Hi Shafeek Abdul, We will upload missing chapters very soon.



  7. diya says:

    Where is chapter 8

  8. poojitha says:

    dear sir,please upload all chapters.

  9. poojitha says:

    dear sir,please do upload all the chapters

  10. VIJAYA SIMHA says:

    It would be very if total chapters are loaded in pdf form.

  11. Sarah Khan says:

    Please show the whole thing or chapters

  12. Sarah Khan says:

    Show the important topics of introduction

  13. Saqlain Ansari says:

    Pls upload all chapters

  14. Punith Raj says:

    Could u arrange the chapters in proper order according to their chapter number

  15. Jayavardhan says:

    Hey..please upload experiment 12

  16. Anurag Mishra says:

    some experiments are not in the this book

  17. Amanfromindia says:

    Indian education system is crap education must be for everyone there should b more sites like this but indian teachers and scholars are so selfish that they wont share their knowledge on internet instead tgey publish books to earn more n more money guys we as the next generation must support more sites like this n make education free for everyone we should avoid our previous generation’s greed n support our education system because in modern world knowledge is power n those countroes with most knowleadgeable people dominates all the other country…… I request all the people to create more sites like this n share their knowledge for free on the internet so that we can make india rise to the top and b globally dominant

  18. Nikita bajpai says:

    Thanx sir it helped me a lot ☺️☺️

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