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ASL Conversation on the Topic “Visiting A Patient” for Class 9, 10, 11 and 12 Students.

CBSE ASL Conversation on the Topic, Peter goes to see his friend Sonia who is suffering from jaundice.

ASL Topic “Visiting A Patient” for Class 9, 10, 11 and 12 Students.

Peter: Good Morning, Sonia.

Sonia: Good Morning, Peter.

Peter: How are you, now? I heard that you weren’t keeping well.

Sonia: I am a little better today.

Peter: But what’s the trouble with you? You are looking very pale and weak.

Sonia: I have been suffering from jaundice for the last fifteen days.

Peter: I met your brother George yesterday in Connaught Place and came to know that you were lying ill.

Sonia: George told me that he had met you in the Connaught Place.

Peter: So I thought that I must see you, as today is a holiday.

Sonia: It is so kind of you to have come to inquire about my health.

Peter: No, Sonia. It’s my privilege.

Sonia: I have improved a little during the last seven days but there is a lot of weakness.

Peter: I hope you are regularly taking your medicines.

Sonia: Yes, Peter. I am under the treatment of Dr. Alexander.

Peter: I know him, he is a good doctor.

Sonia: The doctor has advised me to take complete rest for another three weeks.

Peter: You must follow the advice of your doctor.

Sonia: I am really bored now lying in the bed all the time.

Peter: You should not lose heart you will be completely all right after a few days.

Sonia: Would you like to have a cup of tea?

Peter: But you should not trouble yourself.

Sonia: There is no trouble Peter, I shall just ask my servant Annie to prepare a cup of tea. Annie! Come here.

 (Annie comes into the room)

Annie: Did you call me, Madam?

Sonia: Annie, please bring two cups of hot tea and some biscuits for us.

Annie: Yes, madam. I am just bringing.

(Annie goes out and comes back after some time with tea and biscuits)

Annie: Here’s the tea, madam.

Sonia: Please put the sugar also.

Annie: How much sugar would you like, sir?

Peter: Only one teaspoon in my cup, please.

Annie: Please put half a teaspoon in my cup.

Peter: Thank you, for the tea. Now, I should take leave of you.

Sonia: Thank you, for your kind visit, Peter.

Peter: Goodbye, Sonia. I wish you good health.

Sonia: Thank you, Peter. Bye, Bye.


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