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10 Lines on “Benefits of Rivers” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students.

10 Lines on “Benefits of Rivers”

1. Rivers are found everywhere in the world. There are slow and fast rivers, warm and cold rivers, and wide and narrow rivers.

2. A narrow river is usually called a stream. Rivers rise from a mountain or a large lake. Some are fed by snow water, and some by rainwater.

3. Their flow is swift and they carry with them rocks, weeds, shells and deposits of dust and silt.

4. At the place of origin, a river is thin and narrow, but it broadens out as it moves along.

5. At times smaller rivers called tributaries, join the main river.

6. A river is an important geographical feature as it provides us with water for all purposes.

7. Apart from domestic purposes, we use it for irrigation, transport and trade. Towns built on its banks prosper because of it.

8. At some places, the big waterfalls are used to generate electricity which is called hydroelectric power. This power is used to supply electricity to villages and towns. It is also used for generating power to mills and factories and for irrigation.

9. But rivers can cause great damage as well, for they get flooded and this harms crops, people and houses resulting in death, sickness and famine.

10. However, this does not lessen their beauty, power or magnificence and many poets have been inspired by the flow of a river.


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