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Write a Letter For Tenant asking for a Reduction of Rent, Landlord and Tenant Letters

For a Tenant asking for a Reduction of Rent

Dear sir,

I am writing to ask if you will agree to a reduction of the rent I am paying for the above  house. I have lived here more than four years and during that time have never asked for an excessive amount of repairs, having done many small jobs myself.

The rent was fixed when vacant house were few and wages were high. Since then , rents and wages have generously come down and I now find that I am paying more for this house than the sums paid by many neighbors.

As my own wages have shrunk, I feel bound to ask you to consider my request.

Yours faithfully,

M.S. Sharma

Reply to above

Dear Sir,

I am sorry to say that it is  impossible to reduce the rent of the house of which you are the tenant.

The rent was fixed four years age, it is true; but I then took into consideration that you were likely to be a good tenant, and put it at a very low figure.

In fact m I was wondering last quarter whether I ought not to raise the rent, owing to the rising taxes and other outgoings.

Were I to make a reduction, there would be very little left for me after paying for repairs, meeting the taxes which are growing higher, and paying the ground rent.

With regrets.

Yours faithfully,

Hira Lal


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