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What is Inquiry Letter, Sample Inquiry Letter, complete letter of Inquiry example.

Inquiry Letter


To show an inclination to know or learn about something is called an “Inquiry’. But an inquiry is not always the right to information. If someone makes an inquiry the person who is being inquired may or may not give the requested information. So one must be careful and inquire only about the things that he/she is expected to get the answers to.

An Inquiry Letter is a request for some information that, if given, may prove useful to the writer. Since an Inquiry Letter is a request, the tone should not sound authoritative. The writer must remember that the reader may choose to give or not give the information especially if the letter is dominating in nature. When making an inquiry it is important that the writer gives details about himself/herself or his/her company so that the person who is being inquired can authenticate the source. The writer should also inform the reader why such an inquiry is being made.

An Inquiry Letter is an official letter so it should be typed and preferably couriered. From its contents it is evident that an Inquiry Letter will have to be lengthy but that cannot be helped.

Dos and Don’t’s of Inquiry Letter

  • An Inquiry Letter should give a brief introduction about the writer or her/his company.
  • It should give all relevant details of what is being inquired about.
  • Since an Inquiry Letter is a request, it should not sound authoritative.
  • If lot of information is requested it is better to write them in bullet points so that no information is missed out.
  • Since an Inquiry Letter is an ‘official letter, it should be typed.
  • Grammatical and punctuation errors should be carefully looked into.
  • If the writer has a deadline by when s/he needs the information that should be communicated to the reader as well.
  • If the letter is being written on a letterhead, the writer must make sure that the correct phone numbers and contact details are mentioned in the letter as it makes easier for the writer to make a’ contact.

Sample Inquiry Letter

_______________(Name of the writer)  

_______________(Designation of the writer)

______________ (Name of the organization)  


_____________(Name of the reader)  

_____________(Designation of the reader)

____________(Name of the organization)  



Subject: Inquiry for Bulk Bookings for a Movie

Dear Sir/Madam,

Ours is a private school situated at _________  (location) having over_________  (number of students) and  (number of staff members).

The movie__________ (name of the movie) that has just been released is a very inspirational and awakening one. Therefore on account of ____________(name of occasion) we would like to show this movie to our students of classes 9 to 12 on _________  (date) at ____________ (name of the theatre).

We would like to make an inquiry for booking the theatre as per the details given for____________  (number of students). Please give us a quote for the same also including a coke and popcorn that we would like to treat our children to.

We would appreciate if you give us the details by __________ (deadline date) so that we can inform the parents-accordingly well in advance.

For any clarifications please contact us at the numbers given at the bottom of the letter.

Thanking You in anticipation.


Best Regards

(Name of signing authority)


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