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Time Donation Letter, complete letter of Donation example.

Time Donation Letter

In this letter the people of our country are been notified that they should take out some time from their busy schedule for poor people and orphans too. They are requested to give some time out of their day for such things for the betterment of our country and country’s people.

Dear Friends and Family,

As you all are sentient that I am presently functioning with Sunshine Trust to spread alertness about the institution and to sign up members for their new consignment of society projects which would engross training the illiterate and raising contributions for the poor.

After becoming a affiliate of the trust you have to extract few hours twice a week for the bustle you are given in. You can just let us know about which activity you want to work for with all your hard work. Daily duties will be given depending on your choice of activity. Further details of the activity will be notified to you very soon. And I hope that you soon become a part of this good cause.

Yours Truly

Joy Mukherjee

Committee member

Sunshine Trust ‘


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