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Science Project on “Water Tricks”,. Class 9 & 10 Science Project

Water Tricks Fill a glass to the brim with water. Place it on a level surface. Drop nails, clips, washers and other small metal objects into the glass of water, one at a time. You would expect some water to spill out every time an object falls in. But nothing of the kind happens. Instead, the water rises higher and higher above the top of the glass. You will be amazed...
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Plants and minerals, Class 9 & 10 Science Project

Plants and minerals Buy some mineral plant food and make up a solution following the directions on the package. Grow two radish plants in clean sand in different containers. Give one water with minerals. Give the other only water. In a few weeks the one without minerals looks sickly and weak. In a few more weeks it may die. You already know that a plant needs water and carbon dioxide to...
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