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Solved Exercise for Precis writing with Title “Role of Advertisement” for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Passages with Solved Precis

As material civilisation advances and the supply of available goods and services increases, man’s needs correspondingly, multiply. Advertising plays a key role in this never-ending process by stimulating the public’s desire for certain products, and thereby promoting the sales thereof, until it has, in effect, created new needs, real or supposed, where there were none before. A familiar example is the motor car -once a rare and costly novelty. Now an ubiquitous and relatively inexpensive necessity. More recently, the television set has undergone the same transformation. While some people would deny that television is a necessity, the fact that sets are found in a majority of western homes shows that it answers, to a greater or lesser degree, the need felt by millions of people for entertainment and information.

A product, seat ice, or commodity that the public needs and knows it needs, tends of course. To “sell itself. We might, therefore, assume that, in such cases advertising would be of minor importance. To some extent this is true. Meat-packers, vegetable and fruit growers, and dairy operators spend less on advertising for instance than manufacturers of cigarettes, liquors, cosmetics, and other items of this type. On the other hand, the competition that exists between rival brands means that the suppliers of such basic necessities as food, clothing and housing must advertise their wears to stay in business. Significantly, the industry that spends most on advertising turns out a product which almost everyone considers as necessity; soap.


Title:- Role of Advertisement

With the advancement of material civilization the human needs have taken the upward track. Advertisement plays a prominent role in it. It changes the very shape of items from luxuries to necessities. Luxury items need more advertisement for the boosting up of sales. Far less advertisement is needed for the sale of essential commodities, but it has been noticed, that business house dealing in necessities also advertise to stay in the business, because of keen competition.


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