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Solved Exercise for Precis writing with Title “Revolution in Cuba” Precis for Class 9, 10, 11, 12 and Higher classes.

Passages with Solved Precis

There will be those who say, who may try to insinuate, that we were opposed to a policy of peace. The answer is the same. We want peace with rights, with sovereignty and dignity. We want peace without renouncing our position as revolutionaries, without renouncing the revolution

No one will doubt that when we fought the invaders at Playa Giron, when we fought those who bombed us, who attacked us, we were defending peace; no one will deny that when our people became organized and decided to fight to the last man or woman against the imperialists if they attacked, we were defending peace, because resistance to aggression is the fight for peace. Surrendering before the aggressors is the road to war or the subjecting of peoples. When defending our sovereignty and our rights, we are defending peace.

And when we speak of the Latin Americans and tell them that there exist objective conditions for revolution, we are defending peace, for weaker the imperialism is, the less dangerous it will be; the weaker imperialism is, the less aggressive it will be. And liberation, the liberation movement of the peoples, weakens imperialists and makes them less aggressive, makes them less dangerous. The struggle of the people for their sovereignty and independence is the struggle for peace.

We do, indeed, consider peace the fundamental objectives of humanity. Let us struggle for it by the path of national sovereignty, the path of liberation from the exploiters and imperialists. By struggling against imperialist exploitation, we struggle for peace.

We are the enemies of war, and it is the imperialists who impose their wars upon humanity. And the stronger they feel, the more dangerous they will be. And for that reason, all people who struggle for their sovereignty and independence defend peace.

That is how we, the firmly united Cuban revolutionaries, think. Those who think they can profit from the situation are wrong. Those who think that in the face of our people’s desire for unity, firmness and dignity, they can opportunistically try to create confusion and put in doubt the straightness of the Cuban revolutionary leadership, make an unfortunate mistake, because it would be a sign that they do not know this people, do not know the qualities of our people.

Those who promote division, taking advantage of our difficult circumstances that our country had to endure and will have to endure commit an unfortunate betrayal of the revolution, and the masses will intercept the intriguers and diversionists and will follow the line of our Party, the line set by the revolutionary leadership. Because they will say: That is our line, that is the line of our leaders and we have faith in it !”

That will be the conduct of our people, the conduct of our militant revolutionaries, who do not grow discouraged, who do not fear struggle, who do not fear difficult circumstances, whatever they are. And there will be no division here; there will be unity here, because we need it, because we have the imperialist enemy facing us, trying to destroy us, and we need unity to resist, we resist, we need unity to win, we need unity more than ever to come out ahead. And with our unity, our firmness and our line, we shall continue onward, facing difficulties, facing obstacles, whatever they may be; we shall exercise the right to think with our own head and we shall in keeping with our revolutionary thinking.


Revolution in Cuba

Ever since the socialist revolution in Cuba, it has been the primary as well as ultimate aim of her people to preserve their own political independence and national solidarity and to strengthen the cause of world peace. They are to struggle a lot for liberating some of their Latin American sister-countries from fetters of Western imperialism. But this is to be done by means of a silent revolution through peaceful means. Cuban people hate Western imperialism, which has enslaved millions of the people of various Latin American countries, indirectly.

The revolutionary ideal, which they cherish as their dearest and greatest attainment and achievement is to be extended to other Latin American countries, groaning under the iron heels of American imperialism. This ideal of the Cuban people is not limited within the framework of Latin American politics, rather it is to inspire international peace and global harmony. The struggle of the Cuban people is a struggle of the entire humanity for spreading peace all over the earth.


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