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Solved Exercise for Precis writing with Title “Members of the House of Commons” Precis for Class 9, 10, 11, 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Passages with Solved Precis

I know no place where the great truth that no man is necessary is brought home to the mind so remorselessly, and yet so refreshingly, as the House of Commons. Over even the greatest reputations it closes with barely a bubble. And, yet, the vanity of politicians is enormous, but vain, very vain.

There is a great deal of vanity, both expressed and concealed, in the House of Commons. I often wonder why, for I cannot imagine a place where men so habitually disregard each other’s feelings, so openly trample on each other’s egotisms. You rise to address the house. The Speaker calls on you by name. Hardly are you through the first sentence when your oldest friend, your college chum, the man you have appointed guardian of your infant children, rise in his place, gives you a stony stare, and seizing his hat in his hand, ostentatiously walks out of the House, as much as to say, ‘I can stand many things, but not this.”

 Whilst speaking at the House I have never failed to notice one man, at all events, who was paying me the compliment of the close attention, who never took his eyes off me, who hung upon my words, on whom everything I was saying seemed to be making the greatest impression. But this solitary auditor is not in the least interested either in me or in my speech and only reason why he listens so intently and eyes me so closely is that he has make up his mind to follow me, and is eager to leap to hi.; feet, in the hope of catching the Speaker’s eye the very moment I sit down. Yet for all this, vanity thrives in the House-though what it feeds on I cannot say. We are all anxious to exaggerate our own importance, and desperately anxious to make reputations for ourselves and to have our names associated with some subject-to pose as its patron and friend.


Members of the House of Commons

Members of the House of Commons are vain though the proceedings of the House never encourage it. No attention is paid to the reputations of the member, the Speaker calls them by name. Their feelings are ignored and even crushed. The closest friends may walk out as others express their views. I; anyone pays attention or praises the speech of another member, it is with the’ motive to get a chance to speak. In fact members are given ro importance. Thus, there is nothing to feed their vanity, still they are vain. And House of Commons proves that no man is necessary.


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