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Solved Exercise for Precis writing with Title “Experience Philosophy — Old and New” for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Fully Solved Precis Exercise

It will be remarked that experience which was once claimed by the aged is now claimed exclusively by the young. There used to be a system of morals and meta—physics that was specially known as the Experience Philosophy, but those who advanced it were grim rationalists and utilitarian’s who were already old in years, or more commonly old before their time We all know that experience now stands for the philosophy of those who claim to be young long after their time. But they preach something that may in a sense be called an Experience Philosophy, though some of the experiences seem to me the reverse of philosophical. So far as I can make it out, it consists of two dogmas; first that there is no such thing as right or wrong and secondly, that they themselves have a right to experience Perhaps the philosophy was best summed up in a phrase I saw recently in a very interesting and important American magazine, quoted from one of the more wild and fanciful of the American critics. I have not the text before me, but the substance of the remark was this: The critic demanded indignantly to know how many ordinary American novelists had any experiences outside, those of earning their bread, pottering about in a farm or a farm house, helping to mind the baby, etc. The question struck me as striking at the very root of all the rot and corruption and imbecility of the times.

We might politely inquire exactly how much experience is needed to equip a novelist to write a novel. How many marks does he get for being intoxicated; and which are the particular discreditable acts by which he can get creditsi How many liaisons give him this singular rank as a literary liaison officer. and how many double lives does it take to constitute lifer Is it only after a fourth divorce that he may write his first novel For my part, I do not see why the same principle should not be applied to all the Ten Commandments as well as to that particular Commandment. it should surely be obvious that if love affairs are necessary to the writing of this particular sort of love story then it follows that a life of crime is necessary to the writing of any kind of crime story. l have myself made arrangements (on paper) for no less than fifty—two murders in my time. They took the form of short stories, and I shall expose myself to the withering contempt of the young sages of experience when I confess that I am not really a murderer, and had never yet committed an actual murder. And what about all the other forms of criminal experience Must a writer be a forger, and manufacture other men’s names before he is allowed to make his owns

It would also be easy enough to attack the fallacy upon the facts. Everybody who has any real experience knows that good writing should not necessarily come from people with many experiences. Some of the art which is closest to life has been produced under marked limitations of living. Its prestige has generally lasted longer than the splash made by sensational social figures. Jane Austen had already survived Georges Sand, the French woman novelist. Even the most modern critic, if he is really a critic, will admit that Jane Austen is really realistic in a sense in which Georges Sand is only romantic.

But there is of course, a much deeper objection to the whole of this new sort of Experience Philosophy, which is quite sufficiently exposed in the very examples I quoted from the magazine. There are certainly all sorts of experiences, some great and some small. But the small ones are those which the critic imagines to be great; and the great ones are those that he contemptuously dismisses as small. There are no more universal affairs than those which he imagines to the little and local. There are no events more tremendous than those which he regards as trivial. There are no experiences more exciting than those which he duly imagines to be dull. To take his own example, a literary man who cannot see that a body is marvellous could not see that anything was marvellous. He has certainly no earthly logical reason for regarding a movie actress as marvellous. The movie star is only what happens to the baby when it goes wrong, but from a really imaginative and intellectual standpoint, there is nothing marvellous about either of them except what is already marvellous in the mere existence of the baby. But this sort of moralist or immoralist has a queer, half—baked prejudice; to the effect that there is no good in anything until it has gone bad.

Now, if there is one thing of which I have been certain since my boyhood, and grow more certain as I advance in age, it is that nothing is poetical if plain daylight is not poetical; and no monster should amaze us if the normal man does not amaze. All this talk of waiting for experience in order to write is simply a confession of incapacity to experience anything. It is a confession of never having felt the big facts in such experience as babyhood and the baby. A paralytic of this deaf and dumb description imagines he can be healed in strange waters or after strange wanderings, and announces himself ready to drink poisons that they may stimulate him like drugs. The whole theory rests on a ridiculous confusion, by which it is supposed that certain primary principles or relations will become interesting when the:), are damaged, but are bound to be depressing when they are intact.

None of those who are perpetually suggesting this view ever state it thus plainly; for they are incapable of making plain statements, just as they are incapable of feeling plain things. But the point they have to prove if they really want their Experience Philosophy accepted by those who do not care foi-catch words, is that the high perils, pleasures, and creative joys of life do not occur on the high road of life: but only in certain crooked and rambling by—paths made entirely by people who have lost their way. As yet they have not even begun ko prove it; and in any case, and in every sense, it could be disproved by a baby.

Aids to Vocabulary

  1. Indignantly -angrily
  2. —Imbecility -weak in mind, physically weak
  3. —Withering — fading, pinning away
  4. Paralytic -affected with palsy
  5. Crooked -twisted, deformed
  6. Rambling – moving irregularly

Points for Precis Writing

  1. In the past experience was claimed only by the old or the ones who were old earlier than their time, they were rationalists and utilitarian’s. Now the experience is claimed by the young alone, of course the concept of experience has undergone some change.
  2. It has been pointed out that most of the American writers had absolutely no personal experience of what they wrote.
  3. The writer points out, that no personal experience is needed for penning down the novels and cites the examples of writers, who wrote on crime and love without having any experience of the same.
  4. Good writing need not necessarily flow from vastly experienced people.
  5. The writers who all the time look forward to having an experience for writing, actually lack the necessary talent and fail.to find something good and interesting in the ordinary affairs of life. They believe that nothing good and interesting can be written on the ordered forms of life. They all the time look -for disorder and chaos to write something.


In the past, experience was considered to be the monopoly of the aged. or the one’s who considered themselves aged, before their time. They used to be serious rationalists and utilitarian, who termed their system of morals and metaphysics ‘Experience Philosophy’. The wheel has made a full turn and now the experience is claimed by the young alone Of course the concept of experience has undergone drastic change. The very belief in the right and wrong has been shattered. It prompted an American critic to state that most of the ordinary novelists had absolutely no experience of life, outside the area of daily routine happenings. But it is contended whether personal experience is a must for penning down of all Most of the novelists dwelling on crime and love have never actually been involved in these affairs. A very sizeable and good portion of art which is very close to real life has actually been written by those, whom life hardly presented opportunities to experience life from close quarters. At the same time many vastly experienced persons failed to present the realities and Gould not remain close to actual life in their writings. Jane Austen — a lady novelist with very limited experience is more realistic in her writings as compared to another women writer Georges Sand, who though had vast personal experience yet romanticised her writings. The former’s reputation has already lasted longer than latter’s. The exponents of experience philosophy think the small experiences to be great ones and the great ones are contemptuously dismissed by them as small. They fail to see the significance and the universal elements attached with the ordinary experiences of our daily life. The daily happenings in life fail to attract them. They believe that nothing good, solid and lasting can be written on ordinary events of life. As such they hanker after disorders and chaos to get material and experience for their writings. These writers actually lack the necessary talent and genius for these creative arts and take shelter in their experience philosophy which of course stands well exposed.

Suggested Title:-

  1. Experience Philosophy — Old and New
  2. Experience Philosophy exposed


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